OUT with combustion and IN with vaping

OUT with combustion and IN with vaping

Published by Elev8 Presents on 1/6/2021

As the new year comes and we have our dreams to become the better us, we wonder if you know all the benefits vaping has over combustion?

Since 2004 Elev8 has been making the Silver Surfer vaporizer and now makes more vaporizer models than any other vaporizer manufacturer covering desktop vapes, portable dry herb vapes, and wax pen vapes.  

When you first vape the flavor is what you will notice.  After all, you have been burning and charring that wonderful plant of the past years.  This is the first time one truly tastes the flavor of cannabis or CBD HEMP.  We feel the first thing that needs to be said that vaping cannabis or hemp for CBD is NOT the same as vaping e-cigs or cartridges.  With the insurgence of e-cigs and vape pens using oils in cartridges, we see people are unaware that vaping can be accomplished with the flower.  We do find vaping flower to be a more rewarding experience than vaping cartridges or dab pens.  We will not go into the difference of vaping flower and concentrates here, but we will go over why vaping flower is better than combusting flower here.

Do you know about bioavailability?  This is what your body can absorb through a given consumption method.


Smoking is about 30% while vaping is from 50%-80%.  As you can see from these numbers, vaporizing your flower will get more medicine in you, saving you money over and over.

Smoke as we know has a lot of tars and carcinogens in it.  While vaporizing the flower eliminates combustion, essentially removing 80%-90% of the tars and carcinogens.  We for sure feel that you body will appreciate this change with a much perceived healthier way to consume.

Oh, and then there is the little known fact that combustion destroys up to 60% of the active ingredients in your favorite flower.  With a flame up to 2000 degrees, then cannabinoids are fried.  

To learn even more about vaporizing and combustion, along with the cannabinoids vaping temp, and their health benefits check out our blog.

Our conclusion for 2021 is that if you are still smoking, it might be a good idea to look into vaping.  The Silver Surfer is our most prized vape.  It's that goldilocks of the 3 desktops Elev8 makes.  The Super Surfer is for the ultimate vapor person that wants some fan assist or to have a bag to pass, as well as enjoy the amazing LED light show it offers.

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