Published by Elev8 Presents on Mar 5th 2019

Merc Glass just may be an alien with the amazing creatures he brings to life.  How does he know about these creatures?  Has he seen them?  Has Merc ever been abducted?  Join us for a unique Elev8 Presents interview with the main man Merc Glass.

Merc Glass started selling glass in 1996 and 3 years later he got on the torch and began in 1996.  Starting out he followed the Dead and Wide Spread Panic living in his van like nomads.  

Mostly Merc Glass started making cain and color changing pipes.  The old school, yet super dope style.  

Merc Glass finds inspiration all over in the industry.  Really he does not want to get inspired by anyone other than what he has in his own heads.  Working on bigger piece is what he really wants to move to now.

As a lucky man, Merc Glass gets to work daily with his wife.  Not a bad gig at all.  Merc would love to blow glass until the day he dies.  

Back in the day when Merc got in there were about 400 pipe makers with 12 colors.  With today there are 10's of thousands of blowers with hundreds of colors now.

From back in the day it went to just a few pieces of glass, and today there are shops that only sell glass.  The movement of glass is now unstoppable.

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