Marcel Glass Interview

Marcel Glass Interview

Published by Elev8 Presents on 2/27/2019

As you all may know, Marcel Glass is famous for Project 33 and taking glass techniques to a new level inspiring glassblowers around the globe. With his career starting back in 1995 we can say Marcel Glass is one of the OG's in the glass industry with nearly 25 years under his belt. At Glass Vegas, Matt Z. was able to meet up with Marcel Glass and get an interview.

Marcel Glass started back in about 1995 at about 17 years old. He started blowing glass in Oregon as it has become an epicenter with thousands of blowers making glass. Even with decades under his belt, he still sees the entire glass community as an inspiring group that keeps pushing Marcel Glass to new levels.

Marcel really loves air trap ratachello , the hot shop glassblowing style from Italy, and working host and fast.

Currently, Marcel Glass is working, with many other blowers, towards his dream: Project 33. Project 33 is an exploration into using high quality murrini coins as an alternative currency, to celebrate artists, and challenge what's normal. Check out Project 33 to learn more about this awesome endeavor.

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