Published by Elev8 Prensents on 2/22/2019

We were able to get up with the one and only Joel Halen and get an interview with the amazing Elev8 Doll Jenn S.  We knew Joel Halen was a G, but we did not fully realize how long he has been working hard at his craft.  

Joel Halen started blowing glass in 2001 and did some sales at Bonnaro selling beads, pendants and spoons.

In 2004 Halen glass moved to Colorado and started working with a local glass shop doing scientific glassblowing.  In 2011 he started working in quartz glass and in the last 4 years the quartz has really taken off.

Currently Joel Halen is working in Fort Collins and has a boro and a quartz studio.

With his love of scientific it has been a corner stone to all his glass as it really provides the skills for many areas in glass.

If you are a hard worker, you get respect from Joel as he knows the challenges of glassblowing.

Joel Halen's pot belly pig is a hobby  and he really love shooting firearms as well as going out to see the Eagles with the crew from the shop.

Maybe there really are aliens out there and if they could get a klondic bar, they would learn to make one themselves.  

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