How To Smoke A Joint As Well As Some Quick Tips

How To Smoke A Joint As Well As Some Quick Tips

Published by Elev8 Presents on 2/18/2021

The idea of smoking a joint is fairly simple.   But over time some hiccups happen and you may run into some trouble.  If you have been smoking for a while, maybe a tip will help you at the end, or maybe you know more?  If you do, let us know what other tips you have for how to smoke a joint.

How to smoke a joint:

  1. Make sure one end is open for you to suck on if you rolled it to carry.  Cut, rip or push it open.
  2. Quick Tip 1 ( wet the first 1/3 of the joint to prevent runs)
  3. Light the end not in your mouth :) and suck while you light it.  
  4. Inhale
  5. Enjoy.

What to do if you get a run?  Or your joint starts to canoe?

  1. Put some spit on your finger and wet the joint in front of the run.

If you like smoking a joint and like the flavor, try vaporizing in a Silver Surfer.  This will give you flavorful hits equal to a dab.

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