How To Sew A Patch On Anything By Hand

How To Sew A Patch On Anything By Hand

Published by Elev8 Presents on 1/9/2020

Sewing a patch is easy as 1,2,3, or maybe a little more, but still fairly easy.

  1. Get your materials ready.
    1. Fabric (shirt, jacket, pants)
    2. Patches
    3. Thread
    4. Needle
    5. Pins
  2. Gather enough thread to go around the patch maybe 5-6 times.  You will fold this making it 1/2 the length, and you want to make sure you do not run out of thread
  3. String the needle and put a knot in the end
  4. Place the patch using pins
  5. Sew the patch on

Patches are a great way to spice up your clothing or for a company to unify their uniforms.  Today there are so many patches to choose from, so being unique and Elev8ing your clothing is easy and fun.

We think the video below is also very helpful and is another technique for sewing on a patch.

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