How To Calibrate A Scale

How To Calibrate A Scale

Published by Elev8 Presents on 5/14/2019

Learn How To Calibrate A Scale

Calibrating your scale is super easy if you have a calibration weight. There are ways to work around this and get close, but to get the perfect calibration we recommend using the calibration weights to calibrate your digital scale.

Calibrating A Scale

1. Turn on your scale on

2. Press the mode button to enter calibration mode

3. Press the mode button again

4. Lay the calibration weight on the scale when it tells you what weight to add

5. When the scale say PASS you have successfully calibrated your scale.


If you have a scale that needs double calibration you will need 2 weights.  Only way to know what the weights will be is to run a scale calibration mode.  When it tells you to add the other weight, add it to the scale for its dual calibration.

We have seen that one can use nickles in a pinch.  While this can work, it is not true calibration.  It could work if you had all brand new coins, but as they wear, they loose weight making them not the perfect scale calibration weight.

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