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Grimm glass is an OG when it comes to murini and how he takes them to a next level with the mili's being added into scenery.  Like no other, Grimm glass knows milis!  

Join us in this short interview to get to know Grimm glass and enjoy his work.

Grimm Glass ada (Karl Taylor) got into glass when he was about 16 investing all his money he had at the time.  Learned on his own with the glass bible from Bandu Dunham.  Some time about in 1999 he started slanging his glass to local head shops in Tucson.  Marcel, Hamm Deppe, Buck and many other that just push the limits are blowers that inspire Grimm Glass.  If you are willing to push the boundaries, Grimm glass is willing to play ball with you as well as give you the respect you deserve.  

Glass is one of those things that doing something that has never been done is more important than just doing the glass.  Although you do need to know the basics.

Vaccum sealing is a new technique that Grimm Glass has been able to make happen with his skills.  Now any object he can encase so get these amazing scenes.  Milli's are what he really loves as the mili is the most intricate piece of glass you can get.  Then when you use the milis in layered scenes you get what only Grimm Glass is doing now.

Working with his shop mates he is able to work on larger pieces as well as going out to travel and blow with other artists.  Arizona is really stepping up and doing a lot of good glass.

The last mili project Grimm Glass did was a 10 month project to get nearly only 20 millies.  More layers and more millies is what Grimm Glass is trying to do.  He would love to work on milies that can take up to 2 years.  

With all the free time on hand, Grimm finds himself pretty much on the torch and with just a little time he will find time to waste in a video game.

Yes, Grimm Glass does believe in aliens, and if they did come to earth, they would probably be an robot.

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