Glassblower Interview with KitKanz Glass

Glassblower Interview with KitKanz Glass

Published by Elev8 Presents on 9/10/2020

Kitkanz is our interview subject this week. After speaking with him on the phone for a little while I learned he got his name by changing the spelling of his real last name from Kitkunz to Kitkanz. This wizard of the torch started learning glass 8 years ago in his parents garage. Kitkanz became interested in learning glass after he went through a period in his life where is bought and broke so many pipes that he decided to learn the craft for himself. Currently Kitkanz works out of his own shop in Fredericksburg, TX and draws inspiration from the work he see on Instagram and his two favorite artists Eusheen and Team Japan.

Kitkanz told me that he really enjoys making implosions although he also mentioned how proud he is of his crushed opal tech. He express to me how far the crushed opal tech has come for him which now yields bright saturated colors. Other than occasionally collabing with Sap Glass, Kitkanz prefers to work solo. I asked Kitkanz what colors he'd like to see added to the boro color pallet and he responded saying he'd like to see more pinks and purples that match the vape wave ascetic. Overall Kitkanz sees the future of the glass world becoming more competitive with existing techniques being pushed to the next level with more intricate and complex work being made. Beyond glass Kitkanz play the guitar in his free time for relaxation. When asked what he thinks about Aliens and if they'd enjoy our earthly Klondike bars Kitkanz responded that he's a believer for sure but that they can eat their own tastie treats.

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