Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Joel Hallen & Dabbing Preferences

Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Joel Hallen & Dabbing Preferences

Published by Elev8 Presents on 6/23/2020

Got to Check in with Joel Halen a badass glassblower.

He has fun blowing glass and his work shows it. We got to find out the first 12 years he did boro glass, but he has been blowing for 19 total. Joel has an entire quartz studio and a separate studio for other glass. Gotta go check out his quartz studio its design and layout are a beautiful symphony of glass blowing. What makes him unique is he does both quartz and borosilicate glass, not often do glass blowers choose to master both. But he uses boro for his fun pieces and you need to check them out. We have some of his art located in our headshop Elev8 Glass Gallery. You have to watch and hear the crazy story of how he took on an apprenticeship for glass blowing after originally working at a restaurant. It would be wrong not to mention that Joel has a beautiful pig named Cleatus, and he's the pig who inspired the fun Pig rigs we get to see out of Joel. Joel was fun to have on and we always have fun doing these events because we get to collaborate with some of the most talented glass blowers, and not to mention, getting to hang out with the entire Elev8 Crew. During our lives we offer coupon codes so be sure to join in. 

Because Joel is also known for his bangers, the elev8 crew talked about our dab preferences and some of our favorite ways to consume concentrate. Everyone has their style and ways they consume and so we love getting together every friday to learn, consume, and socialize so be sure to tune in each friday. We really love and appreciate the support and thank you.

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