Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Elev8 University - Learning The Cannabis Industry

Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Elev8 University - Learning The Cannabis Industry

Published by Elev8 Presents on 6/23/2020

This week's Elev8 at 8 was a fun Instagram live with the entire Elev8 Crew from all different parts of our company going over our Elev8 University. We, as a company are very diverse and we truly are industry leaders with tons of knowledge and information as we are vape manufacturers, blowers, growers and people just like you. With our amazing Elev8 Premier Glass blowers, our 2 head shops holding all the lovely glass and just our love for the art of glassblowing.   We have a manufacturing and distribution center where we make the most heady vaporizer/E-banger in the world The Silver Surfer vaporizer. The reason to point all this out is because the Elev8 crew is well equipped to help any and all people who love this industry, as well as those who work in this industry.

In this Elev8 at 8 we got to hear and learn from one of our own glass blowers @Nastglass and then the founder of our company Steve, who is always pushing the envelope and always searching for new ways to better our industry. We got to hear from Elev8 Veterans and how we are working with veterans to help any way we can. Basically the entire crew hopped on and we got to show all different branches of our company. The biggest thing we got to learn this week was how much we care about the industry and why we created Elev8 University. We explain what Elev8 University is and why we created Elev8 University as a tool to help grow the knowledge of our industry. Be sure to check out the our live events every Friday at 8pm EST.

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