Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Don Chile Ortega Giveaway & More

Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Don Chile Ortega Giveaway & More

Published by Elev8 Presents on 6/25/2020

Back again with another elev8 at 8 with the elev8 crew, and this week we had the one and only Don Chile Ortega. Don Chile was a great guest who knows a lot and has a lot of great stories. He started blowing glass 21 years ago so his work is clearly impeccable. His wood grain worked glass comes from his love for the outdoors. Being from Oregon he fell in love with the tree and logging look. During our live, we got a great laugh because he explained how he legally changed his name to Don Chile Ortega. So yes that is his real name! Haha

We have a Don Chile giveaway so to see how you can enter to win go check out our Instagram @Elev8_Glass_Gallery

The work Don Chile does is so amazing because he uses millies to create his beautiful pendant. The work and detail he puts into his work make it worth every penny! It was great to have him as a guest and learn about his origins and thoughts about the future for his work.

Once Don Chile hopped off the Elev8 Crew one by one hopped in, each of us got to show you guys some of the great stuff we offer. Our company manufactures and distributes our own products as well as anything you need in the industry. We believe in our products and each of us use them daily. This week we focused on some of the accessories that Elev8 Distribution offers. The Elev8 crew showed off a small portion of the thousands of products we can get you! We can be unique like you and want to help any way we can! Join the Instagram lives for coupon code each week and come back each week! 

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