Published by Elev8 Presents on 8/31/2020

On this weeks Live we got the chance to talk to @schnoortzglass who is also part of the Elev8 Premier glass blowing team. Chris, the awesome host, got to get some good questions in and find out about Rob’s glass blowing journey. Every glass blower has their own experiences that led them to the art of glass blowing, so it's cool to hear the differences and even similarities. Rob actually got his inspiration watching someone blow glass in a store front in California. He attributes the spark for glass blowing to watching that storefront glass blower. @schnoortzglass got his start at Elev8 by a friend offering a job to help around the shop and learn as he can. From that he learned and grew rapidly and became part of the glass team that helps pump out all the parts and glass needed for the Elev8 Distribution products.

Rob finds most joy with the events and community involvement he’s allowed with the Elev8 Premier team. It's not hard to feel the love and passion he has for not only his career but the company he is a part of. Being able to hear and see from the actual glass blower and then get to see some of his “Rob Block” glass was awesome. The stories behind the piece are what make it so interesting, so i love when we get to hear how or why he made the artwork. Rob was a fun guest and we got to see his fun side when he showed off his tattoo that he inked on his own skin. Although he has been blowing glass for less than 5 years he still has made his own mark. His “Rob Blocks” are what he has been focusing on lately and he has some great “Rob Block” pieces in the works so keep a look out and check him out on instagram @schnoortsglass.

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