Published by Elev8 Presents on 2/15/2019

Get to know the one and only AKM glassblower in this interview with Matt Z. 

As you all know, AKM is famous for the skull design and taking glass techniques to a new level inspiring glassblowers around the globe.  With his career starting back in 1999 we can say AKM is one of the OG's in the glass industry with nearly 20 years under his belt.  

Get to know glassblower AKM in the interview below



AKM got into glass in a really neat way with his father going in for the first round and coming home with some dope stuff.  That dope stuff is what started the glassblowing bug.

During his start he got a BFA in fine arts at VCU.  Two professors at the university really got him going with some strong glassblowing skills.  

Being a blower from the 90's he really respects that work that the cats are making today.  Not that you have to have 20 years under your belt to impress AKM, you just have to push your skill set.  

Good collectors and good blowers have really given him a push in his career to be one of the top glassblowing artists in the world.  Sculpting and murine are some of AKM's most favorite techniques.  

Dryno is one of the artists as well as the guys in his shop are great to work with.  Working with many of these blowers really becomes a synergistic push and helps to ELEV8 each other.  Pushing limits is what drives AKM and working with glassblowers that are pushing limits is what is going to push the world even further.

Being outside in the woods and spending time with his family is one of the most enjoyable things.

SPACE DABs will be ready for AKM any time he wants to come down to Colorado Springs.


Here is a short quick video we did for Instagram


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