Vehicle Consumption Devices/ Hot Air Extraction


vehicles are devices that heat herbal and concentrated materials to temperatures just below the point of the combustion, extracting the flavors, aromas, and effects of herbs and waxes with much less smoke and contaminants. At the temperatures below combustion vapor occurs, which is purer tasting and easier to inhale than smoke while being a much more perceived health benefit. The best vapor production comes from larger units called desktop vehicles which are more powerful than portable vapes thanks to their plug-in power source.  The desktop units usually also feature larger bowls to hold more herb. That said, portable vehicles are growing more advanced, with convection heating systems and hybrid heating systems that heat dry herb or concentrates with hot air rather than hot surfaces, delivering combustion-free vapor.


Portable vehicles are more discreet than ever, boasting precise temperature control, enhanced battery life and the latest in advanced heating technology. Vaping on-the-go has never been easier, or more convenient. The portability is a huge plus, but with being so small it's hard to get a very cool vapor drawing without some kind of water attachment.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, the unparalleled power and functionality of desktop vehicles also continues to improve and change. For instance the Silver Surfer vehicle has been around for near 14 years, yet has been able to be upgraded and transformed to meet today's current ways of vaping consumption.


Elev8 Glass Gallery is proud to offer only quality vehicles of all sizes and styles from our online store. We carry a array of high-quality vehicles that are available for anyone's price range. Whether you want a sleek portable vehicle for on the go, or a powerful plug-in vehicle for home use, Elev8 Glass Gallery has what you need for your vaping experience. At Elev8 Glass Gallery we take vaping serious, we are here to make the entire shopping experience as easy and informative as possible. We have partnered up with Elev8 Presents to get some very informative vehicle reviews and instructions.   You can always call us or stop on by one of our brick and mortar stores. With over 20 years experience in the industry you can be assured we can guide you with the proper information.

Vape connoisseur who might opt for an aromatherapy option may want  to check out the 7th Floor line of desktop vapes. With their desktop vehicle line and most importantly the Silver Surfer vehicle  you can vape, diffuse essential oils and dab with the EOK set up all in one unit.   


Many people come to the conclusion that vaping to be a perceived healthier alternative to smoking for a number of reasons such as convenience, discretion, and flavor  to name a few. You can enjoy herb, waxes or oils with fewer harmful particulates, more stealthiness, and in a faster, hassle-free manner. Many studies have also shown that combustion actually destroys up to 60% of active ingredients, so eliminating combustion also in a way doubles they yield you may expect from consuming by combustion.  

Herbal vehicles give you a much more controlled experience such as density, flavor, aroma, airflow, and more that herb consumers prefer. Featuring temperature control that allows you to zero in on an exact temperature that is ideal for your favorite dry herb strain.  These amazing devices give you unprecedented control over how you consume herb and other materials. Whether you enjoy small, flavorful hits, moderate tokes, or long, mild draws, vehicles give you complete command over your sessions.  As you learn the art of vaporizing you will begin to learn the tastes that are associated with each herbal strain. As you vape the herbs become more and more roasted, much like how coffee beans are roasted at different temperatures to bring out different flavors.  Gradually increasing the heat with your vape will deliver full spectrum vaping as you enjoy the art of vaporizing. No vape is perfectly nailed for temperature as your draw speed has a impact effect on how hot the air gets. This is why we say that vaporizing is an art.  As you vape more and more you will learn what you like as a connoisseur.

The discrete nature of vehicles also sets them apart from traditional smoking methods. Whereas smoke hangs in the air, staining white curtains and blowing your cover with that intense burnt aroma, the vapor clouds dissipate in seconds and do not leave a pungent lingering odor, but more of an herbal aroma reminiscent of the herbal plant you just vaporized.  In public one can enjoy their herbal blend without drawing attention one's self or upsetting people as cigarettes may. Portable units are a perfect pocket-friendly device making vaping on the go even easier and stealthier.


Herbal vehicles come in basically three styles such as desktop vehicles, portable vehicle and pens.  Pens are not really herb vehicles as they only work with essential oils. No matter how you like to enjoy the herbs of the world, Elev8 Glass Gallery has you covered.

Desktop vehicle

Portable vehicles are wonderful devices for on-the-go vaping, the issue is that their small size makes for a smaller bowl, cleaning can be harder and they sometimes deliver a hotter vapor.  . Desktop vehicles, on the other hand, are hardwired into wall outlets. This gives them much more power and functions than smaller portable vapes. Desktop vapes are larger, leaving more room for the heating system and other options like a fan or a way to diffuse oils and wax melts.  These devices are designed for herb connoisseur and deliver the smoothest, cleanest, best tasting vape inhales.

This family of desktop vehicles designs features basically two ways to vaporize. Our favorite for flavor is the whip-style, while the balloon-bag system is great for people with lung issues along with the steamrolling method. Whip-style units deliver vapor hits through a vinyl or silicone tube. Balloon-bags are high grade, high temperature bags that fill up with vapor, making them easy to share with more people than a whip vape system might be.  We find the bag way a great way to get full spectrum vape as it takes the first and last hit and mixes them in the bag for you. On the other hand whip style vehicle let you experience the full vaping spectrum as you would experience the rainbow. What we mean is that as the herb gets to higher temperature, different molecules are vaped and released from the herb letting the user experience each session more artfully.  Connoisseurs find the whip method to be the best method for enjoying all the different flavors like you would enjoy a bag of skittles.  With both the whip and bag we find that attaching them to a bubbler is amazing! Dong this cools the vape while adding just a little moisture to the vapor allowing your body to enjoy the experience even more. Running the vapor through water also purifies the vapor even more.

Portable vehicle

Portable vapes are handheld, battery or butane torch powered devices that allow  people to enjoy the consumption of dry herb or concentrates on the go. Compact, battery portable devices won't burden your pocket, and they will hide in your hand during use. But despite the stealthy size of these units, they often feature heating systems that deliver clean, smooth, and flavorful vapor.   Butane torch portable vehicle while small require the torch to work them, so they in a since are more cumbersome than a battery vape, yet some torch vapes deliver the biggest clouds like the Elev8R Vape.  

Some of the most innovative devices in the industry are portable as the manufacturers constantly try to get a desktop vape into a handheld vehicle.  Portable vehicles are generally pocket-friendly. You can carry them around wherever you go, take a hit with the unit concealed in your hand, then pocket it and go about your day. Portable vehicle devices are usually charged via USB or use replacement batteries, ensuring that you can power up from anywhere with a USB outlet or AC outlet (using a wall adapter).

The portable vehicle has become one of the most popular devices in the industry, accommodating the on the go lifestyle, producing great tasting hits, and providing the most convenient experience possible.  When looking for a portable vehicle one should take into consideration the materials it is made of like plastic, metal or glass. What is the heater made from? Is it ceramic or nichrome wire? Ceramic heaters will last much longer than a traditional heater.  How easy is the unit to maintain? This is a question many people do not think of until the time comes to clean. The SideKick is one of the easiest portable vapes to take apart and deep clean we have found.

Vape Pen

This type is one of the most discreet vehicles or also called atomizers in the world. Slim and pen-shaped these lightweight. vape pens allow you to take stealthy rips from just about anyplace you like. The pen vehicle is mainly design as a device for waxy oil or liquid concentrates, though some herb pens exist but we do not sell them as they just do not perform. With vape pens ranging in price from $10 to $200, these units are designed for on-the-fly use, making them the ideal choice for commuters.

Whoever you are or whatever your lifestyle is, a vape pen offers a discreet way to take a hit around the house or where ever you like. These vapor pens are geared for quick, easy, and incognito hits. Most vehicle pens are about five inches long and very thin. Some units are as thin as the pen you use to write with. This means you can easily hide the device in your hand during use.

A major advantage of using a vehicle pen is ease-of-use. Rather than toggle temperatures to the degree, most of these units feature preset temperatures so you simply click the control button to change temperature or use the one preset temperature built into them. While this is good, most all vape pens burn at a higher temperature than many desktops or even portable dry herb vehicles.  When vehicles burn over 428 degrees they do start to vaporize lipids. This is what causes that oily feel in your mouth and makes your lungs hurt more than a standard vape hit, much like a dab hurts more than a vape hit. This is because they use a very very small heater that can get hot very fast.


A vehicle does what smoking does--but much better. Unlike methods of smoking such as pipes and cigarettes, which incinerate materials making smoke.  vehicles pinpoint the sweet spot just beneath the point at which materials combust, while releasing the compounds but leaving behind plant material and lipids. This creates vapor containing the essential compounds found in dry herb with far fewer harmful irritants than smoke.  These units extract flavor notes, scents, and effects from dry herb without the high level of irritants found in smoke.  This can be noted as when you watch a cigarette or pipe burn the smoke looks blue, while when vaporizing the vapor looks white. While the essential components of many herbs are unlocked at temperatures around 215F-428F, cigarettes and pipes heat dry herbs to temperatures around 1000F--WAY hotter than is necessary for releasing the medicinal benefits of plant matter. vehicles solve the problems associated with smoking by enabling users to choose within a temperature range beneath the point of combustion. Portable devices like the SideKick feature precision temperature with 21 heat settings, so you can zero in on a temp that's ideal for your preferred material and a connoisseurs taste.

A vehicle uses one of two types of heating methods, or a combination of the two methods: Convection or conduction.

Convection Heating

A convection vehicle heats the material using hot air rather than a hot surface. Much like a convection oven.   This type of vape features a heating element sitting separately from the herb chamber. Cool air is drawn into the heating chamber heating the air up to the proper temperature, then the hot air is pulled through the bowl holding the herb and then allowing the herb to heat up and release the essential oils. These convection units seem to work better by covering  more surface area of the dry herb making for efficient vaporization.

Conduction Heating

Conduction vehicles heat dry herb against the surface of the herb chamber. A conduction unit will heat faster than a convection device, but not as efficiently since heating herb against a hot surface can cause slight over roasting on the outside herb, while not fully getting the center of the herb bowl enough heat to fully vehicle.  This is easily overcome by stirring your bowl after some use. There are even vehicles like the SideKick that has a built in stir tool to keep the herbs moving so they do not over roast.  . Because this type of vehicle generally has a slightly faster heating time, it's ideal for those who like to vape on-the-go without waiting for the device to heat up.  One neat thing noticed is that conduction vehicles produce a very nice nutty flavor produced by the dry herb that convection vehicles do not do. This is not a good or bad thing, just a noted difference.  Many coffee drinkers prefer this method as they have a special taste for how things are finally roasted.


With so many vehicle types, there's a unit for every preference. But there are other considerations to check off when choosing the device that's right for you.  Here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we do a lot of research and meticulously pick only the highest quality vehicles to sell. This is the reason we do not sell a ton of vapes, but rather a good selection of the the best vapes in the industry.  If you are looking for a workhorse we suggest going with a high quality desktop like the Silver Surfer.  Once you have a really good desktop we suggest a portable for when you are away from your machine.  

Did You Choose the Right Type of vehicle?

Where you will be vaporizing most of time? If you vape mostly on the go our outside maybe a portable vape is best. They are more compact, and therefore stealthier. If you vape at home or in the office and want the best quality and function, a desktop vehicle will deliver the most flavorful clouds possible. Also make sure to choose a vehicle that is compatible with whatever material you want to consume, whether it be dry herb, waxy oils, or liquid concentrates.  This is again where we feel the 7th Floor line of desktop vapes excell. They do it all and what is more, they actually are designed to be left on 24 hours a day while the diffuse essential oils. The beauty of leaving the unit on 24/7 is that when you are ready for a vape hit, there is no heat up time. This makes your life more efficient as there is not waiting.

Is the vehicle Protected by Warranty?

An excellent judge of the value of a vehicle is its warranty. In general, the longer the warranty, the better the unit. A manufacturer is more willing to put a longer warranty on a device they know has a lower rate of defects. You want to protect your investment by buying a unit with a good warranty. It'll ensure the device is solidly built, and if anything does break, you'll be able to replace it without having to buy a new one.  One thing we have noticed is that some really long warranties are kinda bogus. What we mean is will that company even be around in 10 years? Also, how can any battery last 10 years? What if you use your vehicle with an herb that they do not like you to use in their vape, do they still honor the warranty? Still a good 1-3 year warranty we have found is very good.

Is The vehicle Within Your Budget?

vehicles can range anywhere from $10 to $600. As a rule of thumb in life, the more expensive a unit is, the higher the quality you can expect from it.  Also price does play a HUGE role on where the vehicle was made. So if it's in your budget, go for the gold as in the long run you will be very happy you did. That said, there are plenty of affordable options available. Just remember, investing in a more expensive vehicle will pay off in the long run because it's not as likely you'll need to replace it.

How Strong is the Battery?

On average, the higher a vehicle batteries milliamps, the longer it will last on a full charge. If you'll be vaping on-the-go, make sure to buy a unit with a strong battery or removable batteries so you can be ready for a battery exchange and keep you vaping going.. Generally speaking, smaller devices have less milliamps than larger ones which is not necessarily a bad thing as it is smaller.  As with all things there are pros and cons to everything. We like vehicles that use rechargeable batteries and even more we like it when the batteries are removable so you can swap them if they drain or go bad.


There are plenty of ways to enjoy the benefits of natural herbs. So why are people choosing to use a dry herb vehicle? Because vaporizing is more efficient, convenient, enjoyable, discreet and perceived safer than smoking. The fact is vaporizing lets you experience dry herb as it's meant to be enjoyed.  vehicles offer the ability to enjoy full range of flavors and effects present in each hit. Another added bonus is you don't have to worry about upsetting those around you. This alleviates the stress usually involved with smoking. With a host of potential benefits, the question shouldn't be why use a dry herb vehicle, but why not use one?

Stealth - There's really no stealthy way to enjoy smoking any herb. It can immediately upset anyone around you, many of whom will either see or smell what you're doing. Dry herb vehicles resolve  anxiety associated with smoking by offering a more discreet way to enjoy your favorite herbs on the go. Vapor is far less odorous and dissipate much faster than smoke. The untraceable nature of vapor makes it a popular choice among those who want to keep their smoking under wraps.

Portability - You can't really keep a pipe in your pocket without smelling up your clothes and giving you away. A dry herb vehicle on the other hand, is as travel-friendly.. Most portable dry herb vehicles are compact, lightweight, and safe to keep in your pocket. The portable vape enables you to enjoy the benefits of herb on the go. vehicles are legal to fly with also, just as long as they don't contain any illegal substances. But remember, they can only be kept in your carry-on bag, not checked luggage do to the lithium ion batteries.  

Potency - According to a study published by California NORML and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, vapor created by dry herb vehicles contains 95% of the compounds found in dry herb. That means most of what you inhale consists of essential flavors and effects. On the other hand, smoke is much

less pure, mostly made up of irritants created when dry herb is burnt at temperatures higher than 1000F. Lower levels of heat activates the compounds found in herb, creating silky smooth, potent vapor with minimal additives.

Convenience - With a dry herb vehicle, you simply let the vape heat up and take a hit. In addition, the lower temperatures won't destroy nearly as much dry herb as an open flame will. You get more out of herb, saving you money and ensuring more relaxation every session.


  • Most vehicles are compatible with just one type of material. A wax pen won't vaporize dry herb, for example. Make sure to choose a device that works with the type of material you prefer, whether it's wax, herb. Note that some units are compatible with multiple materials.

  • Cleaning your device regularly will extend its life and maintain consistently good vapor quality. The more frequently you clean your vehicle, the less cleaning you'll have to do in the long run, as resin tends to build up and harden over time.

  • In the Oil Diffuser world, you usually get what you pay for. Spending more money on a good device will result in a better experience.

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