Dry Herbs & Concentrate Vapes


Dry herb vaporizers work by heating up the oils in the dry herbs to a point that they boil and turn to a vapor, hence the name vaporizer.

 All herbs that the user wants to vaporizer do have oils in them. The oils have other components in them like terpenes, flavonoids, fats, lipids and some even have cannabinoids.  Each one of these categories are made of groups of molecules. Each molecule vaporizerses or boils at its own particular temperature. In order to get a full spectrum vaping session we recommend taking your herb to the point just below combustion.  This vaping method will allow you to enjoy everything the herb has to offer. Some users will vape at a lower temp and gradually raise the temperature to reach full spectrum as to fully extract all the molecules of goodness.


Vaporizers designed for concentrates come in all kinds such as desktop vapes, portable vapes, vape pens and torch vapes.  All of the concentrate vaporizers do the same thing by heating the concentrates up to the point they they boil. Note that concentrate vapes should run at the same temperature as a herb vaporizer as they are essentially vaping the same oils of your favorite herb.  One thing to note with a concentrate vape is that it can not do dry herbs, while many dry herb vapes can do concentrate. This is not a good or bad thing, just is what it is. Concentrate vapes pens come in a few designs. There are concentrate pens that work only with cartridges that are pre filled, then there are concentrate pens that are designed to work with the raw concentrate.  Here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we feel the concentrate vapes that are designed for raw concentrates are the best for connoisseurs. Cartridge vape pens are great for on the go but may have other ingredients to thin the oils and to add flavor.

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