Volcano (Classic, Digit & Hybrid)


In 2000 Storz and Bickel launched the Volcano vaporizer setting a gold standard for bag vaporizers.  The volcano vaporizer used an air pump and heater for fill the bag with adjustable temperature control.  In 2013 Volcano vaporizer won the 2013 Cannabis Cup for best product of the year.

Storz & Bickel started in 1996 with a man Markus Storz who was a graphic designer by trade.  Storz made the first Volcano vaporizer with a modified heat gun in his cellar. After 2 years of tinkering the volcano vaporizer was born and patented.  Around that time Jurgen Bickel joined forces and that is when Storz & Bickel was formed. Years later in 2007 the Volcano vaporizer team pushed out the digital volcano vaporizer.  The next to come was the Plenty vaporizer that is a handheld desktop unit. In 2014 the Storz and Bickel team launched the Mighty portable vaporizer and the Crafty portable vaporizer.


The volcano vaporizer is one of the most sought after vapes in the industry.  When it comes to vaporizing, the volcano does it well. When making the volcano vaporizer Storz and Bickel implemented quality management systems and medical grade materials making the volcano vaporizer a medical device.   As a patient of recreational user, the volcano is a solid vape unit. The Volcano vape uses convection heating which uses hot air instead of a hot surface to vaporizer the herbs. The heat system helps to deliver a smooth and flavor vapor every time.  

The original classic volcano vaporizer is known for the German engineering.  It has been designed to last many years if not a users lifetime when properly maintained.  The Volcano vaporizer can go a long time without a deep cleaning, just use your brush to keep it tidy.  The Volcano was given a unique shape by Storz & Bickel, hence its name. It features a solid plastic base with an aluminum body.  

The vapor quality is good and clean as designed to be this way by Storz and Bickel.  The initial air is heated as it goes past the heater, then through a screen on top of the volcano.  The user then connects the Storz and Bickel Easy Valve or Solid Valve with bag to the Volcano top. The high temp and high quality bags of the Volcano vaporizer preserve the flavor and aroma of each vapor fill.  The bag also makes the volcano party ready as the bag is removed from the Volcano vaporizer when consumed.


The Volcano by Storz & Bickel are made in two variations.  The first is the classic and the second is called the digital.  Both vaporizers use the same amazing heating system. One vape is for traditionalists like the guys that still listen to records as a true connissure knows what they want.  The digital volcano vaporizer is for those who prefer to know what their vaporizer is set at. The Classic Volcano Vaporizer is more affordable than the digital version.


The Volcano vaporizer features high quality ballon bags that make it easy  to take low resistance hits, while also having the ability to pass the vapor bag easily.  The Storz & Bickel guys give you two vapor path options with the Volcano vaporizer. The first is the solid valve and the other is the easy valve.  The Easy Valve is a disposable valve attached to each balloon bag which is thrown out after the balloon bag is spent. The Solid Valve has a few more parts and requires more assembly, but lasts forever and saves you money in the long run.










The Plenty vaporizer was the first go at a simi portable vaporizer for Storz & Bickel.  The Plenty delivers some smooth, potent can very tasty vapor. While the Plenty vape is still plugged in, it is very portable and light which makes moving it easy.  

The Plenty vaporizer features true convection heating.  The Plenty vaporizer uses hot air rather than a hot surface to extract the vapor from the plant mater. This insures a efficient heating of the herbs while delivering amazing flavor.  The Plenty vaporizer uses a double helix chamber that does not require the bowl to be fully packed. The vapor that is produced is consistent and helps prevent hot spots. The cooling unit helps give a more pleasurable vapor experience as it helps to deliver a cool vapor hit.  

The Plenty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel boasts precision temperature control allowing a vape connissure to dial in their perfect temperature for their prefered herb.  With the Plenty vaporizer the user can pick from 266f to 395f enabling the Plenty vape to deliver big, dense and flavorful clouds.


The Mighty Vaporizer is the most powerful portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.  The Mighty vaporizer is geared towards the home user that wants to be able to walk around their house while enjoying dense, potent and flavorful hits.  At only 5.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide the Mighty vaporizer is fairly compact. The Mighty vaporizer is perfect for dry herb enthusiasts who want amazing vapor quality on the go.

The Mighty vaporizer features one of the best batteries in the vaping industry utilizing 2 18650’s.  You can expect about 9 full sessions from a full charge, while other vapes may only give you 4-5. The Mighty vaporizer is charged via USB and also features pass through technology so you can charge and vape at the same time.  With the power of the 2 batteries the Storz & Bickel heats up to about 350 degrees in thirty seconds.

Both the Mighty and Crafty from Storz & Bickel feature the trademark convection heating.  The unit does use a mix of convection and a bit of conduction. The Mighty also features a larger cooling unit compared to the Crafty vape.  With the Mighty vaporizer you can choose any temperature by the degree ranging from 104 f to 410 f. This enables the user to find the perfect temperature for their dry herb or vaping style.  


The Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is the most compat vaporizer in the Storz and Bickel lineup.  The Crafty also features a mobile app to control the Storz & Bickel Crafty vaporizer. Similar in design to the Mighty vaporizer, it features a tactical ribbed exterior for added grip.  The Crafty is about an inch shorter and thinner than the Mighty making it more discrete.

Storz & Bickel gave the crafty vaporizer a powerful heating system comprised of convection and conduction producing big clouds of flavorful smooth vapor.  The swivel mouthpiece acts as the cooling unit that cools the vapor to make a smooth hit. The Crafty can be filled all the way or half way and will still deliver great vapor hits.  The Crafty is easy for beginners as well as experience vapor enthusiasts.

The Crafty is super easy to control as Storz & Bickel made it work with their mobile app using bluetooth technology.  With the app you can set default temperatures, monitor battery life and turn on vibration notification. You can also adjust the brightness of the display and see how many hours of use the Crafty has given you.  WIth a single button you can toggle the temperature with all other functions controlled in the app.


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