Ultimate Beginners Dabbing Bundle Starting at $70 ish

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This is the ultimate dab bundle for anyone that is new to dabbing.   This bundle has been meticulously curated so you can enjoy your dabbing experience with no worries.  If you are new to dabbing we will l…

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This is the ultimate dab bundle for anyone that is new to dabbing.   This bundle has been meticulously curated so you can enjoy your dabbing experience with no worries.  If you are new to dabbing we will lay out why we have included these items and why we feel they are essential to Elev8 your dabbing experience.  The more you add to this bundle the more you save essentially.  

What is a Banger

The banger is what is used to hold and heat the concentrates so they can vaporize.  We offer a few different bangers for you to pick from.   All our bangers are made from quartz to give you the ultimate flavor experience as well as being the most thermal resistant glass there is.  

Standard Affordable Banger- This is our most affordable quartz banger.  The wall is thinner so it does not hold heat as well as other styles.  That should not be an issue as you can re-heat your banger with the torch if the heat goes too low to get vapor.  

Thermal Banger - A thermal banger will hold heat longer than a standard affordable banger as there is more mass to hold the heat.  More mass means better heat retention.  This is also a really neat designed banger and helps stop some re-claim oil from going into your rig.

Thick Wall Banger - The thick wall banger is simple and has a lot of mass.  This is our favorite

Learn about how to heat a banger in our blog with videos.

What is a Carb Cap

The carb cap is pretty much essential for most bangers.   The bangers we have listed here all require a carb cap.  We feel having a carb cap with a banger offers a better experience then a banger or nail that is designed to work without a banger.  

What does the carb cap do and why do I need one?  

This is a great question and we have the answer for you.  The carb cap allows the air to flow over the concentrates.  The air flows over the concentrates helps vaporized oils to more easily cloud up.  At the proper temperature the concentrates begin to vaporize and with no air the oils  sit there simmer.  The air flow from the carb cap allows the vaporized concentrate to more efficiently vaporize.  Next time you boil water watch the steam.  If you blow into onto the water you will see more steam flow up.  The air from the carb cap basically pulls the oils from the pool as the oils reach the proper temperature to vaporizer.  

Carb caps can also help get bigger hits as you can move the oils around the dish.  This essentially moves the oils from a cooler part of the banger to a slightly warmer part, hence making bigger vapor as the oils get a tad warmer.  As the oils move it also mixes the oils, perceivable so you get a more uniform hit of the essentials in the oils.  

What is a Torch

The torch is your heat source for heating up the banger  One thing we have learned is you get what you pay for.  The bigger the flame form the torch, the faster you will heat your banger.  Many times they also hold more fuel.   The torches we offer are great for their price ranges.  If you take care of your torch it will last a long time.  Warranties are handled by the manufacturer and they do a great job!  

What is a Dab Mat

Your dab mat is your tables protection.  Yep, we have tried to be clean and no matter what, a mess is eventually created.  Oils are messy.   Our dab mats we offer are silicone for the purposes of cleaning.  There are other dab mats out there, but if it's not silicon it will encounter the problem of not being able to clean it easily.  

What is a Dab Tool

The dab tool is used for scooping up or picking up your concentrates.  There are a lot of different dab tools on the market and they are designed for particular uses.  The dab tools we offer in this package all feature a flat tip.  This helps the dab tool to more easily scoop up the concentrates.  

What is a Cleaner

Keeping your banger and rigs are essential if you love good flavor.  We also find that if you maintain your vaping and smoking goods you will not need to do as many deep cleanings.   We have a few cleaners we like here.  There really is not a cleaner that is better than another as each is designed for particular purposes.  

What are Tidy Tips

These amazing little cotton buds are great for keeping your dabbing gear fresh and clean.  One end is dedicated to soaking up the left over fats and lipids, while the other end is designed to get in there and really get in the crevices.  These little things are also great for makeup and detailing.  NEVER PUT THEM IN YOUR EARS!

What is a Dab Station

 The dab station is designed to keep your table from looking like a tornado hit it.  This dope dab station we offer has a place for your tidy tips, carb cap, dab tool and even a little alcohol.

Ultimate Beginners Dabbing Bundle Starting at $70 ish

Ultimate Beginners Dabbing Bundle Starting at $70 ish

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