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Silver Surfer Vaporizer® Essential Oil Kit (EOK)

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Get ready for one of the dopest upgrades for the SSV when it comes to dabbing.  Our current EOK works great for small dabs and the ability to from dabs to flower.  What we have noticed is that people find bangers to be a very easy way to do dabs.  After looking into what people want, we came up with this new design!  The great news is that if you have an old EOK, we will give you 50% off the new EOK Dab Dish for the SSV when it comes out.  With the new EOK Dab Dish design you will have one heater cover for dry herbs and one heater cover for concentrates.  We still find one of the best ways to enjoy concnetrates is to mix in a small dab of concentrate with your favorite herbs.  But, to experience the flavor of a pure dab, you will for sure want the new EOK Dab Dish design.

Upgrade your Silver Surfer Vaporizer to the new Essential Oil Kit made for people that like to dab concentrates. This upgrade turns you SSV into the ultimate E-Nail. Now simply go from vaporizing dry herbs to dabbing concentrates effortlessly Only the Silver Surfer Vaporizer can vape, dab and diffuse in one unit when upgraded with this kit.



  • EOK Heater Cover with no dimple
  • Spherical Wand
  • EOK Carb Cap
  • EOK Carb Cap Dabber Tool
  • EOK Heater Cover Cap With Hole
  • Quartz Deep Dish
  • Tongs
  • 3 Feet Of Vinyl Tubing
  • Hands Free Attachment

This kit comes complete with everything you'll need to to dab at the perfect low temperature! The Heater Cover is open for easy access and and is fitted with the new quartz dish. Use the supplied carb cap with the innovative pass threw dab tool and dabbing has never been easier or more flavorful. This is why connoisseurs feel the Silver Surfer paired with the EOK is the best way for consuming your concentrates if you like the dabbing method. There is also a heater cover cap included for when you want to fill a bag. This also helps to increase your heat for vaping dry herbs if needed.

Get Ready For the New EOK DAB DISH Coming Soon (Shipping Around May 25th)


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6 Reviews

  • 2

    For the new price, i like the eok. Has kinks to work out but im all for e-nail's and vaporizing flower. This piece is not quite capable of both though; there is no bottom air intake to the heater cover so you cant pull hot air through for a flower hit, you have to change out heater covers (but maybe this is because i have the old heater holder with shim- does anyone know if this matters?).
    Also the new heater cover doesnt situate well so attching the wand stand is tricky, my wand would be pointing down which doesnt matter cause you cant use flower with it regardless.
    Its also a pain to use the same wand for flower as dab, way too messy so might want to invest in two wands or hope this is added to the list of upgrades.
    Like others have said, the deep quartz dish is a pain, too small to clean which effects future dabs. Unless your heater cover is situated perfectly the dish might have issues sitting on the clay heater rod.
    The carb cap is great but the glass pick is too thin and will break on you. Maybe a glass coat steel pick could be cool?
    For 40 bucks its worth it but definitely isnt a finished product. I really hope the new eok works on these issues because i enjoy my ssv and have been using it for years now.
    Has room for improvement, but the essentials work, just not the most convenient.

  • 3
    Love the kit, skeptical of the deep dish...

    Been using my Silver Surfer for going on 5 years now, this is my 2nd EOK (purchased this one for the quartz bowl and to freshen up wand etc). To be honest I love 7th Floor and Elv8 but I'm super disappointed with the deep dish quartz bowl. The kit should come with the standard quartz dish and offer deep dish option for those who need the giant, questionably too deep bowl. Deep dish is impossible to clean with Tidy Tips and other swabs, so after just one day of light use my bowl is too dirty and cannot be cleaned easily, as was possible with the Titanium bowl. Not really sure what to do with this dirty deep dish, super upset. On the bright side the EOK cap tool appears to be higher quality, than cap tool from my previous EOK kit. Overall the kit is a must have for oil and concentrate use, but deep dish is not recommended if you like clean vapor from a clean dish. If you make this purchase, be sure you need the deep dish, since there's no drop-down option to have standard dish. Five star without the deep dish, 3 stars with the dirty deep dish.

  • 4
    Great add on for concentrates

    This has been a nice add on for the Surfer and works well. I have found that its ideal for small dabs, but dont try to take anything too big on it as it will just pool up in the bottom of the nail. Works well though and glad I made the spend!

  • 5

    Great for extracts very efficient and easy to use. If you like concentrates and own a ssv this is for you. Love it.

  • 5
    Good kit for vaping concentrates

    This bundle is a good value over buying all the individual parts. It works well for vaping concentrates. It's pretty easy to install on your SSV.

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