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Why choose a Sidekick V2?

  • Stir Tool Built-In
    • Conveniently stir your bowl without taking off the lid.  
    • Keeps the herb from cooking too much on the outside and not on the inside
  • Super Cool Hits
    • 11 inches of air travel built into the vortex cooler
    • Combined air path of 16 inches making the SideKick the coolest portable hit on the market
  • Digital Control
    • Provides the visual for 21 precise heat settings
    • Battery life and run time
  • Replaceable Battery
    • Sidekick V2 Vaporizer uses 1 18650 flat top battery
    • Get more batteries to keep the Sidekick running for hours
    • Batteries eventually will always fail, so the weak point is removed 
    • Comes with a charger able to charge 2 batteries at one time, as well as a USB port so you can charge your phone at the same time
  • Large Ceramic Heater
    • Long life with the heating element protected from oxygen degradation
    • Holds approx. 1/4 gram
  • Glass Mouthpiece
    • American hand-blown glass mouthpiece made by our in-house Elev8 Premier glassblowers
    • Feels and tastes so much better than the plastic mouthpieces used by our competitors!
  • Ergonomically Designed
    • Fits perfectly in both your right or left hand
    • Designed to stir the bowl with your thumb or finger
  • Super Easy To Clean
    • Easily disassemble the unit for easy cleaning
    • Stainless steel air path tubes are removable for cleaning
  • Value!
    • The unit, battery, cleaning kit, storage bag and the ability to work with dry herbs.  We do not believe a unit should do both after years of vaping.  If you want to do concentrates only, check out our wax maxer



Tucks away into the housing for safe travel and convince


7th Floor is not just a vape company. As connoisseurs ourselves, we prefer putting the glass to our lips far above any other material. The American handcrafted glass mouthpiece tucks away into the body of the Sidekick V2 when not in use. This allows the unit to protect the mouthpiece while in travel. The glass mouthpiece when full extended will allow you to gain another You can also customize this piece of glass to match your unique style, or easily replace it with a bubbler or other attachment!


Stirring your bowl has never been easier than with the SideKick V2

  • Stirring mechanism assures even heating of herbs to deliver the smoothest, most flavorful hit in the industry
  • The Sidekick V2 lid is held on securely with a nipple and magnets, while still allowing easy removal 
  • Made with a high-quality stainless steel screen, inner plates and stir tool all in an aluminum housing.  This thing is SOLID

Stir the bowl with a push of your thumb just like a fidget spinner works! The Sidekick V2 is a conduction/convection hybrid vaporizer. Vapes that use conduction apply heat directly to the herbs, so part of the bowl cooks hotter than the rest. To ensure herbs are vaped evenly, they should be regularly stirred to allow air to flow through evenly. The Sidekick V2 allows you to do this at any time without removing the lid. No other vaporizer on the market has a feature like this!


Experience a truly cool vapor hit.  Never have a hot hit, hit your lips only with a SideKick

  • Extends vapor path by 11" making the total path 16"
  • Can be chilled in the freezer for extra vapor cooling 
  • Acts as a secondary filter and cleaner

We know that hot vapor can feel harsh to the throat, so we decided to implement a system to extend the air path and cool the vapors, much like the 3-foot hose on our infamous Silver Surfer Vaporizer. This specially engineered vortex cooler extends the vapor pathway, acting as both a filter and cooler as well as tightening the draw for thicker vapor. Pop this piece into the freezer in between sessions for vapor as cool and crisp as a Rocky Mountain breeze! If you want an easier draw you can also run your Sidekick V2 portable vaporizer with out the vortex cooler.


Simply toggle through preset settings that are designed to give you an amazing vapor experience.

  • Dial in your temperature with 21 points of control
  • Automatic shut-off after 7 minutes 
  • Displays battery voltage, battery life, and session time

The Sidekick V2 Vaporizer is adjustable from .5 to 11 giving you 21 points of temperature control for extracting the essence from your favorite herbs. The temperature of the Sidekick V2 can go from 248° F to 455° F. The clear digital display will show your selected setting, battery life, voltage, and the run time. The automatic shut-off after 7 minutes helps to save your battery while giving your vape a cool-down period before your next session.



Never worry about your battery crapping out and your vape with it.   Removable and rechargeable universal battery means you save money, time, and hassles in the future. 

  • Comes with 1 18650 rechargeable battery
  • An external charger is compatible with 120v AC or 12v DC to work in your home or car
  • Nearly 60+ minutes of run time with one battery.  With the ability to swap out your battery, your Sidekick can run for hours.  You can expect 8-10 sessions from one battery

The Sidekick V2 Vaporizer features the ability to remove and replace your batteries.  The ac/dc external charger allows you to charge at home or in your car. Included in the box are caps to protect the batteries when they aren’t in use, and stickers to label them so that each set can be discharged and recharged together.


Connoisseurs know ceramic heaters deliver the best flavor & have an amazingly long lifespan.

  • Element is 100% encased in ceramic eliminating oxidation
  • 2000 hour heater guarantee 
  • No screen necessary

7th Floor was the first to use a ceramic heater in our desktop units, and there is still no better heater on the market. The Sidekick V2’s ceramic chamber is designed with air intake holes in the base and is sealed on top with a custom formed stainless steel screen, sealing in the herbs. The bowl itself can hold up to 1/4 gram of loose ground up herbs.


Connoisseurs know a vape that works great, also needs cleaning and only the SideKick breaks apart competently. 

  • Comes with cleaning tools and alcohol pads 
  • A clean vape gives the best flavor and best vapor experience
  • Easily clean the entire air path with removable stainless steel air tubes
  • Easily clean underneath the heater too!

Every vape needs a good cleaning every now and then, so we’ve made the task as easy as possible. The mouthpiece, vortex cooler, vapor tubes, top and bottom lids, pathway seal, screen, and batteries can all be removed, opening up the air path for easy cleaning. There’s also a built in cleaning port under the air intake giving you access to clean out any small particles that end up underneath the heating chamber.


Curved to feel good in your hand or pocket while looking like a million bucks!

  • Fits comfortably in your shirt, coat or pants pocket 
  • The stirring wheel is perfectly placed for one-hand use

The trademarked shape of the Sidekick V2 allows the unit to fit comfortably in your left or right hand, in addition to feeling great when put away in your pocket. The shape also allows the stirring wheel to work with just the push of your thumb. The housing comes in a number of colors, and in the near future, we will also be offering a Wave Rider version with high-quality full-color designs baked right into the housing.


Glass personalization to be unique like you

  • Up-gradable to a colored mouthpiece
  • Add water filtration with an American made custom bubbler or our affordable foreign artisan made bubbler
  • Unique 10mm female to 19mm female ground glass adapter.  Connect your SideKick to any rig
  • With our unique connection to Elev8 Premier you can have nearly any kind of glass made for your SideKick because you deserve only the best.

Accessorize your Sidekick V2 Portable Vaporizer with the incredible vapor cooling of a Sidekick V2 Bubbler mouthpiece. Not only is this an inexpensive way to step up your vaporizing game, but coming from a company that hand-blows all of its glass, you can have it completely custom to your vape too!


Add your name, your art, or pick from our in house designs

Customize your Sidekick V2 by engraving your own personalized text with your choice a font, that way whenever you vape you have that one quote to always see and think about!



  • Designed to work with lithium Ion Batteries
  • USB 5.0 volt port for cell phone charging.
  • Chare your SideKick 18650 battery and your phone at the same time

Accessorize your Sidekick V2 Portable Vaporizer with the incredible vapor cooling of a Sidekick V2 Bubbler mouthpiece. Not only is this an inexpensive way to step up your vaporizing game, but coming from a company that hand-blows all of its glass, you can have it completely custom to your vape too!







What's in the bag?

  • Sidekick V2 Portable Vaporizer with Stir Mechanism and Vortex Cooler
  • Hand-made Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 Rechargeable 18650 Batteries (with an external charger, storage caps, and date stickers)
  • 1 Cleaning Brush with Alcohol Cleaning Pads
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • Small Bowl Tongs/Scoop
  • Sample Size Mouthpiece Coconut Oil Lubricant


Battery Safety

  1. Do not keep your batteries in a pocket or bag with loose change or keys
  2. Replace damaged batteries or batteries with torn wrappers
  3. Do keep your batteries in approved battery cases such as the battery caps when not in use
  4. Do not leave your batteries in your car
  5. Keep your battery charger where you can see it; Treat it like an open flame.
  6. Store your batteries between 40??80??or 5??26??shy;­
  7. Batteries will need to be replaced every 3-12 months depending on use


We will be offering a 30-day warranty with each Sidekick V2 , extendable with a registration. With registration, the vaporizer itself is covered for 1 year, and the heater is covered for 5 years. We will gladly accept any new, unused items for return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Shipping is not refundable. We cannot offer returns for used items.

*Please be advised: Sidekick V2s can currently only be shipped using FedEx due to shipping laws regarding lithium-ion batteries. For this same reason, we can only use express shipping to customers in Alaska and Hawaii until further notice*


Outside Reviews & Testimonials

"So far after a few months, I can’t say that I have any complaints. I am able to to get nice, full hits and get the expected flavor enhancements that I get from other top-tier handheld vaporizers. It may not replace my everyday habit of using a bong or rolling up however it has worked reliably and consistently. If anything I would say the more I use it, the more I am able to use it efficiently and effectively."

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SideKick Vape


9 Reviews

  • 5
    Sidekick v2

    Does the trick! Great on the go choice when I leave the super surfer at home. Being able to mix the bowl is huge

  • 4

    This vaporizers is everything it is advertised to be other than it's claim to be something to be used to provide anonymity while getting cannot hide the odor of vaping....and will give you away at times. Other than that it is great!

  • 5
    Everything you could want from a portable vape.

    Let me say first off that this vaporizer has some of the best tasting vapor I've ever experienced from a portable unit. If you hate that plastic taste at the end of a session this vaporizer knows no such thing! Their may be some more ergonomic vapes out there but after years of using 7th floor vapes I know them to be some of the most reliable products I've ever owned. If you ever have an issue with anything they will do everything they can to help and bring a solution. So when you buy a vape from 7th floor know you ur going to have it for a very long time and its going to taste amazing!!

  • 5

    Very well designed vape! Functions beautifully! Lots of battery life. Would buy again.

  • 5
    Great Vape

    Ordered this from UK and it was worth the wait! Helpful staff answered my questions and created a payment invoice streamlining the buying process. Regular updates from both UPS and Royal Mail during delivery.
    The vape is great - very smooth compared to my previous vape, a Storm vape pen. Very smooth vape works well.
    I was required to pay an additional customs import charge here in the UK but, of course, this was entirely out of the hands of elev8 / 7th Floor Vapes.

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