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The Wax Maxer vape dab pen is the newest most advanced concentrate dabbing pen to hit the market!

Pick from any of three kits:

  • Pen Kit
  • Pen + Battery Kit
  • Pen + Mod Kit
  • This pen is designed for oily concentrates. Dry sifts like kief or hash are not recommended to be used on this.

Designed by the world leader of vapes 7th Floor. This is their first concentrate dab pen to hit the market, and they did it right. Built on the same technology as the legendary Silver Surfer Vaporizer's ceramic heater for durability, you will not be disappointed. The unit is designed to work with any 510 thread mod or vape battery so long as you do not go over 10 watts. We have tried it and it works to go over 10 watts, and we did get bigger clouds, but the manufacturer recommends against it. This pen is not designed for giant hits, as the ceramic heater is designed to run a lower temperatures than a coil. This allows the concentrate vape to deliver the most flavorful hits that a connoisseur demands. When paired with the slick Wax Maxer battery you have an all inclusive vape pen. Check out the features below!

Ceramic Heater

Like all 7th Floor vaporizer the Wax Maxer vape pen utilizes a ceramic heater. The reason for this is long life and better flavor. The heating element in a ceramic heater is fully encased in ceramic preventing the heating element to become oxidized. When metals are heated to high levels the oxidize at an exponential rate. Encasing the element virtually eliminates this oxidation process allowing the longest life in a heater design. Another benefit of the ceramic heater is heat dispersion. The heat is not focused on a small wire, or wires, but rather the heat is allowed to radiate through the entire ceramic heater. This allows better vapor production at lower temperatures as there is more of a heating surface area. Ceramic heater deliver the best flavor as you can run them at a lower temperature while producing a nice vapor cloud.

Ceramic Bowl

The Wax Maxer Vape Pen features a conical bowl design. What this accomplishes is that that you end up with a smaller reservoir needed to prime. With many pens the bowl is a straight tube. This is great if you have a heater that sits on the bottom of the bowl. With the Wax Maxer and most all other ceramic heaters, the heater sits on two really small pedestals so the heat is retained in the heater. The problem this creates is that there is a small gap under the heater and it creates a reservoir and when the concentrate level is below the heater will not vaporizer properly. To solve this 7th Floor made a conical bowl that makes the smallest reservoir on the market, while leaving a larger bowl for the ability to hold a good amount of concentrate.

No Leak Design

This was one of the biggest things that 7th Floor looked at when making this pen as leaking is a major problem. The Wax Maxer heater is revolutionary in that it does not have any air intake holes in the bottom of the heater. For years this is where your oil would leak out of, but not now with this amazing heater design! Another thing they designed into this vaporizer pen top is the reservoir designed in the top of the pen. During normal use this does nothing at all. But if you ever leave you pen on its side or worse yet, upside down, never fear. Your concentrates will get caught in the reservoir so you do not have a mess leaking out in your car, pocket or where ever. We still recompensed to keep this pen in the upright position at all times. This allows the concentrate to stay on the heater.

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