Desktop Vehicle

Desktop Vehicle

Portable vehicles are wonderful devices for on-the-go vaping, the issue is that their small size makes for a smaller bowl, cleaning can be harder and they sometimes deliver a hotter vapor.

Desktop vehicles, on the other hand, are hardwired into wall outlets. This gives them much more power and functions than smaller portable vapes. Desktop vapes are larger, leaving more room for the heating system and other options like a fan or a way to diffuse oils and wax melts.  These devices are designed for herb connoisseurs and deliver the smoothest, cleanest, best tasting vape inhales.

This family of desktop vehicles designs features basically two ways to vaporize. Our favorite for flavor is the whip-style, while the balloon-bag system is great for people with lung issues along with the steamrolling method. Whip-style units deliver vapor hits through a vinyl or silicone tube. Balloon-bags are high grade, high temperature bags that fill up with vapor, making them easy to share with more people than a whip vape system might be.  We find the bag way a great way to get full spectrum vape as it takes the first and last hit and mixes them in the bag for you. On the other hand whip style vehicle let you experience the full vaping spectrum as you would experience the rainbow. What we mean is that as the herb gets to higher temperature, different molecules are vaped and released from the herb letting the user experience each session more artfully.. Conosures find the whip methode to be the best method for enjoying all the different flavors like you would enjoy a bag of skittles.  With both the whip and bag we find that attaching them to a bubbler is amazing! Dong this cools the vape while adding just a little moisture to the vapor allowing your body to enjoy the experience even more. Running the vapor through water also purifies the vapor even more.


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