DaVinci IQ



Smart Path Technology
51 LED Dot Display
Ceramic Zirconia Air Path
Boost & Standby Mode
Replaceable 18650 Battery
100% Ceramic Heating Chamber
Bluetooth Integration
Precise Digital Temperature Control System


This innovative dry herb device features Smart Path Technology. What this means is that the unit enables the user to choose a setting from four different temp range. The DaVinci IQ unit then slowly increases in temperature to unlock new flavors, aromas, and effects. The ceramic zirconia air path results in a pure flavor. Expect a great variety of consumption profiles, from small, flavor-rich hits to bigger, robust clouds.

Knowing that different molecules are released at various temperature levels, the DaVinci IQ features Smart Path Technology. This feature starts out at a lower preset temperature and gradually increases by 20 degrees over time. The DaVinci IQ knows to advance the temperature automatically so you don’t have to. The DaVinci IQ ranges in temperature from 250-430°F.

The Smart Path technology is preset at the following levels:

  1. 350-370°F
  2. 370-390°F
  3. 390-410°F
  4. 410-430°F

Both the temperature and duration of time before the next heat level advances can be customized in a mobile device. The info will be saved for your next use as well. Customizing the temperatures only take a few swipes. You can even start the DaVinci IQ sessions with your smart phone while the device hides in your pocket. The DaVinci IQ enables you to activate dried herbs at the perfect temperature for your preferred strain or style.

With an elegance in mind, the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is equipped with 51 dazzling LED dots that is the display. Sleek and discreet describe the appearance of the DaVinci IQ quite accurately. The DaVinci IQ weighs only 145 grams making it perfect for people on the go.

Only the DaVinci IQ features Standby and Boost mode. When The unit is not in use, the IQ will revert to Standby Mode. This mode conserves battery power and prevents dry herb from being heated when not needed. If you need to take a quick hit on-the-fly, DaVinci IQ features Boost mode, which rapidly heats the device straight out of Standby Mode. The DaVinci IQ will heat up in just 20 seconds.

Nobody wants to be tethered to cables in this day and age. DaVinci knows this and made sure that the DaVinci IQ utilizes common place 18650 batteries that can easily swap. Knowing that the battery is the weakest point in a portable, DaVinci made their unit have a removeable battery so if the battery dies, the unit is good to go still. A single battery is able to power the DaVinci IQ for over three hours of use. Boasting a micro-USB port, this little device acts as an internal charger for less hassle of removing the battery. The unit also includes pass through charging capabilities for you to continue enjoying the IQ while plugged in. Once a full charge has been achieved you can enjoy the DaVinci IQ for hours on end. Never stop consuming with a few extra sets of batteries.

The IQ's smartphone app enables you to customize your sessions in seconds via mobile device. While the DaVinci IQ Smart Paths are preset, they are customizable in the IQ app. A detailed graph tracks your temperature, displaying the temperature vs. a timeline of your session. Through the DaVinci IQ app you can also activate Stealth mode, dimming the brightness of the app to save battery power and stay stealthy at night.

1 x USB Charging Cable
9 x Alcohol Wipes
1 x Chimney Brush
1 x Herb Funnel
1 x Extended Mouthpiece
1 x Storage Container
1 x User Manual

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