Vehicle or Oil Diffuser Comparisons

Desktop and Portable Dry Herb Vehicle Comparisons

Here at Elev8 we love vaporizers as we find there is no other way to enjoy flower better.  Efficiency and flavor can not be touched when you compare combustion to vaporizing.  

Elev8 was born from the Silver Surfer vehicle, representing the ultimate way to consume.  In this section we will go over vaporizers and compare them to the Silver Surfer.  Why do we compare other vapes to the Silver Surfer vehicle?  Well, because it is the best, and we will prove it here.  The web is riddled with misinformation and amazing marketing.  We will do real testing and vape comparisons here so you can make the logical choice.  We will be comparing the Super Surfer to all vapes, and will be including the Silver Surfer in with the Super Surfer.  We find this also true when we compare the Volcano vehicle.  The classic volcano, the digital volcano and the new hybrid volcano in a since are much the same, and or different in comparison to the Super and Silver Surfer vehicles.  

Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer compared to the Super Surfer vaporizer

Volcano vaporizer compared to the Super Surfer Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Switch vehicle is an amazing vehicle and really is a solid unit.  We love the fast heat up time, as well as we love the lights.  Click the link above to see the Dr. Dabber Switch as it runs side by side the Super Surfer.  

Why is the Super Surfer superior to the Dr. Dabber Switch when we compare them?

  1. The Super Surfer has a larger bowl for more herb.  This allows larger hit, and longer sessions.  You can always add less, but can not get bigger.



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