Liquid Arts Glassblowing Class By Elev8 Premier (4 Hour Beginner Class)

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Glassblowing is an amazing art that you can be a part of with the help of Elev8 Premier and their Liquid Arts Glassblowing Class.  

Note that we can only have classes on Sat. or Sun. of the week so when you buy your class expect it to be on the weekend.  

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  • 1 seat is $125
  • 2 seats are $110 each 
  • 3-4 seats are $100 each

In this beginner class we will go over the basics of glassblowing.  We will go over the torch and what the flames are like neutral, reduction and oxidizing.  We will go over the safety of glassblowing in this class so that we have fun with no injuries.  Basically hot glass burns and sharp glass cuts.  

In this glassblowing class we will also go over marble making and pendant making.  We will only go over the basics here as there is a lot to learn about how the glass reacts as it is heated in the flame.  Adding loops for the first time can be challenging so this is why our instructor will be able to finalize any piece you are having difficulty with.  

Note that glassblowing for the first time is FUN, but it also takes a  lot of brain power, so don't be surprised if feel drained.  Your brain is doing things it has not done before and is being pushed hard.  

What you get with a liquid arts glassblowing class.  

  • 4 hours of studio time.  You will be on the torch for about 3 hours as there is safety and project lessons that we have to go over. 
  • Eye protection is supplied
  • Fuel and oxygen are supplied
  • Torch is supplied
  • Glass is supplied

Considerations to take:

  • Dress warm on cold days as we have a very good exhaust system, so if its cold outside, its cold inside.
  • Must wear shoes
  • Bring some snacks if you do not want vending machine snacks
  • Be prepared to stand for 4 hours

How It Works When You Buy This Class:

  • Your order will be passed along to Elev8 Premier.  The manager will contact you within 2 business days to schedule your time.
  • You will be contacted via phone to discus the times.
  • Our studio is only open for classes on the weekends as we are a working studio and the staff is in production mode.  

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"Hey guys, was great time for us too we had a good laugh, it was nice to get some guidance and also to be allowed to just play around with the glass without having to follow a tight frame. I would totally recommend it and will rate it highly. You guys were super friendly etc so thank you."

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