Vaporizer Glass

Vaporizer Art Glass Gallery

We like to have this section so that customers have a place to grow their glass vaporizer ideas.  Much of the vaporizer glass in this art gallery can be remade if it was made by Elev8 Premier.  You may see a lot of 7th Floor vaporizer glass here, and that is because the crew at Elev8 Premier are the exclusive glass blowing team to make all the glass for the 7th Floor vaporizer line.

Vaporizer wands are an essential piece for vaping herbs in your vaporizer.  The glass in this art gallery shows some amazing techniques that have been produced in the past.  If you ever want a custom vaporizer wand made for you, just let us know.  

Vaporizer Mouthpieces are essential if you do not have a water filter.  With the smooth vapor that a vaporizer delivers many people do not need the water filtration with an art glass mouthpiece being all they need for their vaporizer experience.

Again, always remember much of the glass here can be remade if it was made by Elev8 Premier.  It will never look the same, but it can look close.  

We can make vaporizer glass these vaporizers below

Silver Surfer Vaporizer
Super Surfer Vaporizer
Da Buddha Vaporizer
Volcano Vaporizer
Arizer Vaporizer

And pretty much any vaporizer out there we can make custom glass for.

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