Keck Clips and Sick Clips for Ground Glass Joints

Ground glass joint clips are an important part to many accessories used for water pipes, dab rigs and mini tubes.  We offer a nice selection of metal clips like our very own sick clips, as well as the standard Keck clips for connecting all your ground glass joints and holding them together. 

Sometimes people will use a glass joint clip when they put their drop down on their rig, or when they hook up their e-nail to a banger hanger (oil rig).  Look no further for your joint clips.  We highly recommend the sick clips as they look very sexy as well as work amazing.   If you have some super thick glass, the metal sick clip can be bent to accommodate it.  The sick clips we think are the best ground joint clips on the market.  If you are a glassblower, this is for sure the clip for you!  The sick clip was designed by a glassblower so withstand the heat when blowing glass. 

Don't forget the old school roach clip.<

The Ultimate Guide to Joint Holders, Roach Clips and Filter Tips

Every stoner has needed a joint holder, roach clip or filter tip at some point in time…

Joint Holders.

A trusty joint holder can do a few things, some better than others:

  1. Hold you joint while your hands are busy.
  2. Allow you to smoke right to the end of the joint.
  3. Keep your hands from smelling like dirty dank.

We found a few items on the market for just that purpose and then take a look at some DIY options.

DIY  Roach Clip Solution:

There are a few good DIY roach clip options if you don’t feel up to spending a few dollars or if you don’t want to wait for shipping. You could carve one up out of wood yourself if you a master craftsmen or put the joint into the hole in your pipe or bong, but the best method we have found online is the top of a Grolsch beer bottle as it is made from ceramic and has a hole drilled through it.

Roach Clips.

If you roll your joints or blunts without a filter tip, a roach clip is essential.

While we found a few for sale and a few DIY options and these are the best and cheapest solutions by far:

  • Grab some of these alligator clips and attach the bottom to anything. (Cork, wood, lights, etc)
  • Use a keyring and slide the joint into the ring.
  • Use a pin but be careful to not poke yourself.

I am sure as a stoner you have made yourself a good deal of roach clips or at least tried it out. Hopefully, these give you a few new ideas if you looking for them.


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