Cleaners For Water Pipes, Dab Rigs Mini Tubes and Bangers

The more frequently one consumes herbs, the more important it becomes to clean your pipesbubblers and bongs. The big question: how to get your glass water pipe or dab rig clean? Not only can resin look and smell nasty, its tar compounds include carbon and carcinogens, and continuing to burn them can have an array of negative health effects as well as a dirty taste.  This is why we find vaporizers to be the choice of consumption for connoisseurs.  

That said, cleaning can be a chore if you let it get too nasty. Furthermore, many are unsure of how best to clean their glass. 

Do’s When Cleaning Your Glass

Do clean your water pipe or dab rig daily, and your pipes once per week to keep ready for great taste. Keeping your glass clean with a good cleaner will always give you the best experience when it comes to smoking or vaping.  The cleaner your glass is the cleaner your hit will taste. 

Do use warm water or any cleaner warm.  The warm cleaner helps to break down the oils that have solidified and make it way easier to clean your water pipe or dab rig.  Letting your glass pipe soak in a warm cleaner will also help it clean up faster.  Do not get your cleaner hot, just warm.

Do protect new glass from getting too dirty by using things like rezblock.

Do discover the real flavor of your smoke through a clean pipe or water pipe.  Again, we strongly suggest trying a vaporizer to really taste the flavor of your favorite herbs. 

Do Nots When Cleaning Your Glass

Don’t use isopropyl alcohol if you want a natural safe glass cleaner. “Isopropyl alcohol…is by far the most commonly used cleaning substance for water pipes, dab rigs and pipe cleaning.  It is also listed by eight different government agencies as being toxic if you ingest it,” including the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Don’t experiment with anything you wouldn’t consume directly. Acetone-based nail polish remover, for instance, is hazardous. This may be a chemical you might want to use if no other cleaner is working for you.  You will want to make sure you fully rinse it away so your water pipe is clean and ready for your next session. 

Don’t spend too much time or money.   There are a lot of good cleaners, and if you clean your goods on a regular bases, you can actually reuse the cleaner for the heavy glass pipe cleaning.  


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