Glass is what we do at Elev8
When you love glass the way we do, we have to have this head shop.  As we are owned by glass blowers and we try to have an amazing array of glass to sell.

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  • Recreatable
    Cremation Sunflower Marble Cremation Sunflower Marble

    Elev8 Premier

    Cremation Sunflower Marble

    Beautifully crafted with your loved one's ashes inside the marble.  This marble features an amazing sunflower requested by the owner.  On the back there is a universe scene going on with the ashes as some of the scene.  The attention t…

  • Collection of Elev8 Premier Custom Repeatable Mushroom Marble Canary Yellow Mushroom Marble

    Elev8 Premier

    Mushroom Marbles

    Pick up one of these amazing mushroom marbles by Elev8 Premier Glass Studio. Features Marbles are not the same size. They range from about 20mm -27mm. Most of them come in at about 24mm in diameter Hand made in Colorado Springs Made with Northstar..…


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Quartz Banger- Terp Typhoon Quartz Banger- Terp Typhoon

Elev8 Glass

Quartz Banger- Terp Typhoon

This is one of the best quartz banger designs with the drop down built into the neck of the banger! No more need for separate pieces that are more prone to breaking, now you can dab with a solid...

Was: $65.00
Now: $55.00
Recycler Bong - Fat Man Bomb Water Pipe Recycler Bong - Fat Man Bomb Water Pipe

Elev8 Glass

Recycler Bong - Fat Man Bomb Water Pipe

This is an incredible water pipe made by the foreign artisan team at Elev8 Glass! It's not technically a bong, it's a recycler rig masquerading as a bong! The central orb section is split into two...

Was: $200.00
Now: $100.00
Elev8 & Space Ghost Glass Custom Silver Surfer Full Set

Elev8 Vehicles

Elev8 & Space Ghost Glass Custom Silver Surfer Full Set

This is the vision that Space Ghost Glass brought to the worlds most customizable, durable and unique vaporizer on planet earth!  Click on any image below to be directed to the product to see it...

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