Glass Vaporizers

Glass Vaporizers

Vaporizers come in a lot of variations and with the world of dabbing the quest for a glass vaporizer that works well has produced some neat things.  Dab straws and bangers are the first glass vape to come to the market, but they can only do concentrates.  With these vaporizers requiring a torch people have become less worried of having a torch with them to use their dab straw.  As time progressed the search for a glass vape that could work with herbs continued.  With people knowing the extra benefits from full spectrum vaping that one can only get from flowers a vape that does herbs and concentrates is what is needed.  Then comes the Elev8R vaporizer to take glass vapes to the next level.  With the ability vaporizer concentrate and the fact that with the same instrument you can also vaporizer dry herbs this thing is off the charts.  
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