Glass 101


 Here at Elev8 we LOVE glass!!!!

As glassblowers, shop owners and consumers ourselves we feel we needed this section to help us all.  Even as we build this we find we are still learning!  The first thing you learn about glass as you fall in love with it is that glass is never ending. Thank you for your support, as only your support is what allows us to do this!



 In this section we give it our best to bring all the glass terms, tools and techniques that are found mostly in this amazing cannabis glass industry which mostly is dominated by borosilicate glass.  Whether you are new to glass or are an veteran glassblower, we want this to be the go to guide for info.


Get to know the people who make the glass magic happen!
Join us as we have a ton of fun getting to know the amazing glassblowers.  


Enjoy our list of glassblowers contributing to the cannabis glassblowing industry.  This list is big, but does not have all of the blowers.  We are working hard to get more and more in here.  If you want to be here and we have not been able to get you here yet, please fill this form out and we will get you in here.  


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