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Yes, we offer glass and vaporizer bundles with significant discounts, unused cosmetic blemished vaporizers, and on occasion, glass with small sealed hairline cracks. Blemished units and sealed glass are tested and fully functional, and the blemish or cracks are purely a cosmetic imperfection. We would never sell dysfunctional vaporizers or glass.

For a full list of everything we sell discounted, check out our Hot Deals page

Yes, the best way is to email our service team ASAP by contacting them at customercare@elev8distribution or call 719-418-1254

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This is a very common question. We have made a blog with images to help you understand what size joint you have.

If you would like to order custom glass you can contact us directly to place your order

Custom glass orders may take 2 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity and schedule of the blowers.

Once the order is placed the artist that will make your custom glass will contact you to discuss ideas to get on the same page as much as possible. When dealing with visions our artists try their best to capture your idea. The more info you have the better. Pictures are GREAT to help communicate.

The artist may need to change certain aspects of customers' preferences for the piece to come together. The artist will contact you about anything that might need to change to make your piece a reality.

Please call us at 719-418-1254 as soon as possible.

We have a large collection of information to inform you with everything you could ever need to know. Each product should have all the information regarding its use on its product page. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please select the resource below the works best for you.

If you're still unable to find what you're looking for, please contact us, and we'll teach you everything you would like to know.

Plant matter vapor is visible under the right lighting, it looks and behaves similarly to a very light smoke or mist. It is possible to blow vapor rings, but your vapor from vaporizing will never be thick like the e-juice vapes. Visually, it can be compared to seeing your breath on a cool night, with the exhaled vapor dissipating much more quickly than smoke. If you do not see or taste any vapor, try turning the heat up just a little, wait about 30 seconds and inhale at your standard speed or use a slower inhale. We recommend to keep your standard draw speed and adjust the temperature accordingly to your inhale speed. If you inhale very fast and run a hotter unit, be careful when sharing with other people that may inhale slower than you. This could lead to combustion. Remind them to inhale like you do, or turn your unit down a little for them.

To learn more about how vaporizing works, check out The Art of Vaporizing

Yes, the best way is to email our service team ASAP by contacting them at customercare@elev8distribution or call 719-418-1254

The best way to know what kind of glass heater cover or wand glass you have it by reading our blog

Our processing time on standard orders is 48 hours, with exception to out-of-stock items. We try our best to get them out in 24 hours, but we are not Amazon and have a small staff. Know we do everything in our power to get your order out ASAP

Processing time on custom vape orders is 3-6 days, with custom glass taking from 2-8 weeks, depending on the complexity and availability of the blowers we work with.

Products with custom art, such as the Silver Surfer Wave Rider Series or custom engraving orders are subject to copyright approval and may take additional time to process.

Once you have your selected item in your shopping cart, you may estimate shipping charges by entering your information at the bottom of the page. Shipping cost depends on the weight and size of what you order.

We offer a variety of cleaning products, which can all be found here . Using a cleaner with a pumice or salt will help clean the glass much better. Warming the cleaner in a microwave for 5 or so seconds will help also clean the glass better.

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Your unit may not need to be repaired, all vaporizers are different, and because of this, there are many reasons why they might not be functioning. Please contact us so our knowledgeable staff can help determine if your unit needs to be sent in for repairs, or if we can help you fix it, quickly and easily, over the phone.

Elev8 Glass Gallery does not do repairs on vaporizers, or anything else we do not manufacture. If your vaporizer is not functioning, please contact us first to ensure you're using it correctly, or if there is anything we can help with.

We can do occasionally do glass repairs, however, there is a high chance the repair will fail, and the piece will be permanently destroyed. Because of this, glass repairs are handled on a case by case basis. We also reserve the right to deny any repair for any reason. For a consultation please contact our glass studio at 719-646-5352

If you're someone who frequently drops and breaks glass, we recommend you to invest in our Phoenix Oath Glass Warranty .

If an item was missing from your order, please contact us so we can correct this immediately.

We can ship anywhere in the world. There are risks involved with shipping to Germany or Israel, among others. If you'd like to hear those risks and complete an order, please contact us.

Yes, we offer international shipment to nearly all countries. When ordering be aware that you may have to pay VAT tax or import tax. This is a tax put in place by most countries and is something we have no control over. The tax will not be included in purchasing your order.

To get an estimate, so you know what to expect, please look up your federal import tax.

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Our products do not come with any warranties, however, we do have a glass warranty program which you can add on to any piece of Elev8 Glass!

Any items we resale should still be protected under their original manufacturer warranty, and any issues you have with your vaporizer should be directed towards the manufacturer. If the manufacturer requires a receipt, you should be able to locate this in your account under 'Orders'. If you have any issues locating this, please contact us.

A 7th Floor flavor disc used in a pipe is best used with lighter so you get the lowest temperature possible. Also, to slightly tap the flame on the flavor disc helps with a smoother hit. The lighter is about 600 degrees and you only need to get cannabis to 428 degrees to release all the cannabinoids.

You can use a torch every so often to really burn off the fats and lipids that will gather in the flavor disc from low-temperature dabs. Just remove the flavor disk and put it on a brick or concrete outside. Make sure there is nothing flammable and then burn the disc until it is brand new again.

This is fully debatable. It can be said that a smaller rig can be better for flavor as there is actually less filtering of the smoke of vapor. In our opinion, this comes to personal preference of how big of a rig you like. Filling a very large tube can take time and when you finally carb the piece to let in the smoke or vapor it will slam you, maybe making the flavor hard to taste as you took it big one! A small rig will allow you to take the hit as it comes off of the vape, bowl or nail potentially giving you the best flavor.

Each brand of rolling paper is made differently with different materials such as standard tree pulp, hemp pulp, and rice pulp. There are other kinds of papers our there also. The best way to know what kind of material the paper is made from is to visit their website for that particular paper brand.

Rolling papers really depends on the skill set you have. Using a roller for sure makes rolling easier as well as using a $ bill.

This is a tough question these days. Many years ago there were only a few companies making color and the colors they made were also limited. Today there are many color companies and the colors made are expanding daily it seems. The best way to know what color the glass is made from is to ask the artist. With our crew of glassblowers, we can guess better at the colors used than most.

Yes it is possible to get the reclaim or resin out of percolators with the right kind of cleaner. It can be harder to clean some percs. There are abrasive cleaners that you can pour into your piece, shake it up, and rinse it out. The grains in the cleaner help to scrape the unwanted materials off. There are other cleaners you can pour into your piece and just let soak then rinse. If one doesn’t work try a different cleaner. Some we recommend are Resinate, Kryptonite, 420 or 710 cleaner.

A hint to get it cleaner is to microwave your cleaner just a little to warm it up. If it is alcohol you are using you will want to only microwave for a short period of time as it gets hot faster than water. Also, DO NOT Breath the alcohol as it is not the same alcohol as what you drink.

There are cleaners made specifically for silicone pipes, we carry Kryptonite Naked!

One can also always get away with alcohol, we recommend 91% over 70%. the 91% is more concentrated and will work better.

One thing to know is silicon is actually porous and can absorb some oils

“Carb” is short for a carburetor. Just like the carburetor in a vehicle, the carb on your pipe or water pipe controls air flow, and therefore the pressure, in a given space. The car hole on a pipe allows the air to come through fast at the end of your hit, mixing the smoke with air slightly to make the hit smoother and more enjoyable.

A carb cap controls the airflow on a nail or banger. It allows the air to flow directly over the oils so that they can vaporizer more efficiently. If there is no carb cap the air can flow slightly over the oils with the fresh air not coming fully into contact with the oils. When the air does not flow over the oils, but slightly above the oils, you will get weak dab hits.

Yes you can put a banger on any piece that has a male or female joint! You just need the proper size banger or nail joint to match your rig.

All you need to make your water pipe into a rig is a nail or banger! If you have a female jointed water pipe you need a male banger. If you have male jointed water pipe you need a female banger. There are three different sizes to choose from so you will need to know the joint size. There are other attachments you can get for dabbing as well like a drop down or reclaim catch. Those help to catch your reclaim instead of it going directly into your piece, which keeps your rig cleaner!

A drop down is a wonderful attachment for smaller dab rigs and water pipes. We highly recommend them even for rigs that are just for the flower. Having the bowl or banger further away makes the experience just a little better. If you do not want a drop down, look at getting a slightly larger rig or water pipe.

Water pipes are just like playing with leggos! Anything that is a water pipe can be a rig and anything that is a dab rig can be a waterpipe you just have to have the right attachments. A piece with a male joint will need either a female banger or bowl. A piece with a female joint will need either a male banger or bowl.

Smaller water pipes are at this time called dab rigs, while larger water filters are called bongs or water pipes.

How a piece is used is more what the user wants to use it for than what the piece is called initially.

The simple answer is because of the black resin that accumulates in the pipe.

People will call a color changing pipe a chameleon pipe because of the way a chameleon lizard changes color. There is also Chameleon glass that was one of the first glass companies in the industry making fumed pipes

A vaporizer is a device used to heat an herbal product gently to a temperature high enough to vaporize or boil the active compounds in the herbal product. The active compounds in cannabis such as THC, CBD, THCv and CBG just to name a few, will be released at temperatures lower than 435 degrees. Ideal vaporizing temperatures range from 290 degrees to 428 degrees. Any temp above the 450 degree threshold will cause burning(smoke not vapor). Vaporizers allow you to enjoy the active compounds without the negative effects of smoking. Smoke contains toxic by-products and only about 20% of the active cannabinoids, vapor contains 95% of the available cannabinoids and 5% of the remaining fragrant plant oils. This makes vaporizing much more effective, healthier and more cost efficient! Vapor is also much cleaner, it does not linger in the air and does not cling to fabrics and clothing. This makes vaporizing less intrusive to the people around you.

There are 2 primary heating methods a vaporizer may use.

There are two categories we divide Vaporizers into. The first is what we refer to as Table-Top devices. This category includes all devices that require you to plug in to an electric source. We also call them home units, made to be used at home. These units are built for longevity and heavy use. Table-Top devices can have 1 of 2 delivery methods, this means how do I get the vapor from the device to my lungs. The first is whip style. This simply means a tube/hose is used, one end attaches to the vaporizer and you would gently draw vapor through the hose. Much like a hookah. The second, uses what are called vapor bag balloons. The device will fill the balloons with vapor, a valve on the balloon allows you to draw only what you need while saving the vapor in the balloon. This is better for people with weaker lungs.

The second is portable devices. These devices have rechargeable batteries to power them and are small and discreet, giving the user the freedom to take the device out in the yard or to different rooms of the house. Some other units use a torch to vaporize.

Convection and conduction are two different ways of heating things. In Vaporizing, both terms refer to how the products (herb or concentrates) are heated in order to reach the evaporation temperature when vaporization begins. Convection means that the herbs are heated with a stream of hot air. Conduction means that the material is heated through contact of a hot surface. Usually it is contact through the heating chamber walls. Conduction vaporizers have a quicker heat up time and produce greater amounts of vapor. They require constant stirring to make sure all of the product gets heated evenly. Conduction vapes may combust (burn) the product. Combustion has negative impact on the flavor and can cause the vapor to be harsh. The chances of combustion are almost zero in a convection style vaporizer, as there is no direct contact. Hot air passes through the material and heats it evenly so there is minimal need to shake or stir your products. They tend to be more expensive due to the complicated heating system and amount of parts. They are not as easy to use as a conduction style vaporizer. Hybrid devices are a mix of conduction and convection heating. They take what’s best from both the two worlds and combine it into one vaporizer. The products are heated both by hot air and the walls of the heating chamber. Hybrids provide a lot of vapor from the very beginning of inhalation (like all conduction vaporizers) and the active substances are released from the herbs or concentrates as effectively as in a convection style vape.

This hole allows the air to go directly over the oils. Without air going over the oils the concentrates will not vaporizer well, or may not vaporizer at all. Without the carb cap the air goes over the oils and does not fully hit the oils to allow them to vaporize.

With the carb cap on top of a banger the hole also allows the user to breathe. With out the hole the rig, banger and carb cap would be blocked.

This is used to get the smoke out. With cannabis smoke, the user does not want it to get stale. It allows the smoke to go into your lungs more easily after you have filled the pipe. Smoke is hot, and when you fill the pipe without a carb the smoke would be harsher on your throat. As you let go of the carb it lets air in easily, mixing with the smoke to make a cooler, smoother hit

We have a lot of great videos for you to learn products and to post videos up on Instagram.

How To Sell 7th Floor product videos

Vape Mods:

an electronic cigarette device that either contains an internal battery or has housing space for an external battery. They come in two primary forms: regulated and unregulated.

What is an Atomizer or Coil?

An atomizer is defined as any device that creates mist out of the liquid. It is essentially just a heating coil made from a piece of resistance wire that heats up in order to create vapor out of E-liquid. Atomizers are also referred to as coils. They come in a variety of styles ranging from disposable coil heads to the do-it-yourself coil builds. Pre-made disposable coils are referred to as coil heads. Coil heads are specifically designed for a particular tank or device. Do-it-yourself builds require a little more knowledge on vaping(not for beginners). They are small pieces of resistance wire that is made into a coil shape resembling a spring. The type of wire used, the diameter of the coil and the number of wraps will affect the coils resistance. They are commonly made with Kanthal and NiChrome and more recently Nickel and are considered to be the safest to use for vaping. Coils are measured in ohms, based on the amount of resistance they have. The lower the ohms, the more power they will demand. The resistance of an atomizer is the amount of heat produced by the coil based on battery voltage. Different coils or coil heads give off different amounts of resistance.

How to Change an Atomizer Coil:

The coil in a mod should be changed every 1-4 weeks of usage. A general estimate is about 2 or 3 weeks, you should monitor the taste of the vapor and color of the wick material. If you are getting a burnt or nasty taste your coil is most likely burnt out. To check it further you can look at the wick material(exposed cotton on coil) to see if it’s still a light color. If it’s a dirty grey or dark black it’s likely time to change.

How to Prime an Atomizer Coil:

The first few puffs with a new atomizer can have a burnt and unpleasant taste to it. To minimize this problem, priming your atomizer coil is a good idea. Priming simply means saturating the dry wick material with e-liquid so that when the device is activated, it vaporizes the e-liquid rather than burning the wick material.

What is an RDA?

What is an RTA?

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. It is essentially an RDA combined with a Sub-ohm tank. From the outside it looks very much like a sub-ohm tank but the inside is where it’s different. You have a build deck onto which you build your own coils. Once that is done, wick your coils, saturate the cotton with e-liquid, and you’re good to vape. It lets you build your own coils but also has the benefit of filling a tank instead of dripping every few hits.

RBA stands for ReBuildable Atomizers. RTA’s and RDA’s are both a type of RBA.

What is a Sub-ohm Tank?

How to fill a tank:

There are two styles of tanks, bottom fill and top fill. Top fill tanks are a lot easier to fill and make less of a mess compared to bottom fill tanks.

Bottom Fill-

Top Fill-


How Does a Battery Work?

A battery is made up of stacked “cells”. Each cell has a negative terminal and a positive terminal immersed in an electrolyte solution. When you put your battery in a circuit, an interaction between chemicals occurs. This causes positively and negatively charged ions in an electrolyte solution to want to move to a terminal on each side of the cell known as an “anode” (negative terminal) and a “cathode” (positive terminal). This movement of ions allows energy to flow to an external device, powering it. When you charge a battery, you reverse the chemical reaction used to discharge the cell, literally resetting the ions back to the way they were. A little is lost in the process of resetting each time. Eventually, the chemical reaction will no longer occur.

Chargers and Charging Batteries:

The first time charging a new set of batteries you should drain the battery and then charge it fully. Most if not all mods have a USB charging port. DO NOT CHARGE BATTERIES THROUGH THE USB PORT IF IT HAS AN EXTERNAL BATTERY/BATTERIES! If the battery is internal the USB port is the only option of charging the device. If the mod uses more than one external battery and you charge it through the USB port it will unevenly charge your batteries(not good). Use an external charger(unless it has an internal battery). You remove the battery/batteries and put them in a separate charging unit. Make sure to keep an eye on your batteries while they charge, you don’t want to leave them on longer than they have to be. Of the several chargers available the best and safest chargers are “smart chargers”. They typically have multiple charging modes, safety features like over voltage protection, and over discharge protection. It is important not to overcharge your batteries above 4.25V or over discharge your batteries. Although most batteries for vaping can be discharged down to 2.8V or until they fail. For safety reasons it is never recommended to discharge them below 3.2V.

Why do mods short out? How do you fix it?

If the mod says short or check atomizer it is telling you there is an electrical short occurring. When this happens, the built-in protection circuit on a regulated mod will kick in and stop you from vaping. Most of the time, the short occurs between the coil and tank and it is nothing to do with the battery or anything else. A short can happen because of a dirty 510 connection, things such as dust or leaking e-liquid can get in the way of the connection. It makes it hard for the mod to communicate with the coil inside the tank. Check and clean your connection first. If you are still experiencing issues after check the connection, take the coil out and clean out the bottom metal piece before screwing your coil back in. The short may have occurred because the coil was not set right. If that does not work your coil may be bad, if you have another try the new coil. Occasionally you can get a bad coil. If you are still getting a short message, then try the tank with another mod.The tanks inside could be worn out causing problems. That way you can distinguish if the tank is now the problem or the mod itself.


E-liquid is the fluid that fuels the Electronic Cigarette or Mod. It is what provides the nicotine solution and the flavoring to your mod. It creates vapor in which you exhale that mimics the traditional smoke from cigarettes. Some juices contain nicotine and others do not. E-liquid normally comes in 6 different strengths, none(0mg Nicotine), Extra light(3mg Nicotine), Light(6mg Nicotine), Regular(12mg or 18mg Nicotine), and High(24mg Nicotine). It uses base ingredients to create a smooth flavor. The base can consist of PG(propylene glycol), VG(vegetable glycerin) or both. Most E-liquids have mixes containing 50% VG/PG 50% to 70% VG/PG 30% or “max VG”. PG and VG are combined with natural or artificial flavors to create unique recipes. Propylene Glycol is used as a flavoring carrier in food products. It is non toxic and combined with a VG blend makes a very smooth vape compared to a 100% PG base. The more PG you have in a blend the thinner your juice will be, this is better for smaller tanks(ego pens or 510 battery vape pens). Vegetable Glycerin is a sweet, thick, vegetable based liquid. 100% VG base is very thick and hard to smoke effectively. It is non toxic. The more VG you have in a blend the thicker your juice will be and that creates a thicker vape cloud, better for larger vapes(SMOK). If you get E-liquid that contains nicotine on your skin it is best to wash your hands as soon as possible, the nicotine can absorb.

Mod Safety tips:

Vaping Laws:

Although E-Cigarettes or Mods do not contain tobacco, judges ruled in 2010 that vape products are considered tobacco products. Because the FDA now has jurisdiction over tobacco products, mod products are to remain on the market after August 2018 they will have to be in compliance with or in process of complying with the PMTA requirements. Bottles of E-liquid must be labeled and must have the risk claim, free sample ban, age restriction, photo ID check, and you can not put together the customer’s device or install coils. You are not allowed to say they are healthier than cigarettes. No in house juices are to be made, they all have to be created in a certified clean room and be approved by the FDA.

Mod Dictionary:

The Kits We Carry:

The kit includes:

The kit includes:

The kit includes:

The kit inclueds:


Kava (Latin name Piper Methysticum) is a beverage or extract made from a plant species belonging to the pepper family. This plant is native to the western Pacific islands, mainly Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii. The plant is known as Asava Pepper or Intoxicating Pepper, it can grow to an average height of six feet. It has heart shaped leaves that stretch to ten inches wide. The best way to consume kava is by drinking it. The traditional beverage is made by steeping kava, either fresh or ground into a dried powder, into room temperature water in order to extract its active components. The drink has to be shaken or stirred before it is consumed. It is a beverage and should be consumed that way. Extracts, pills, capsules, alcoholic solutions should not be considered kava. It’s like if you put caffeine in a pill, you cannot call it coffee, just like dried raisins in a capsule are not wine. Kava is legal in the United States and most other countries. There are even Kava bars you can go to, to try it. For centuries, Pacific Islanders have used kava as a medicinal plant because of its sedative, anesthetic, euphoriant, and psychotropic properties. This herb has been used to treat migraines, insomnia, infections , rheumatism, and anxiety. In some cultures it is used for religious and cultural traditions, including weddings, political events, funerals, and royal events. Studies have shown that kava can effectively ease anxiety, relieve stress, and relax muscle and nervous tension, as well as combat insomnia and improve sleep conditions. Kavalactones are the active ingredient in kava, there are six major kavalactones in kava. They pass through the bloodstream when absorbed, causing the plant to act as a muscle relaxant. Kavain is just one kavalactone that is concentrated mostly in the roots of the plant. Its responsible for the feeling of relaxation. Although kava has sedative like properties, its not an actual sedative. Kavalactones don’t affect or work with the brain directly. The mild euphoric feeling comes from desmethoxyyangonin, another major kavalactone. It boosts your dopamine levels, this is why when you drink kava, there is no alteration of your perception of reality. Generally there is no side effects when drinking Kava in moderation. It’s just like coffee, if you drink to much you can have negative side effects. Studies have shown if taken enough it can cause liver issues. There still isn’t enough information about kava, research is still needing to be done.

The leaves of kratom have been used as a stimulant in low doses, a sedative in large doses, an anti-diarrheal and painkiller. It is said that Kratom affects the human brain similarly to an opiate although there is no conclusive clinical data proving how the alkaloids work in relation to the human brain.

As a stimulant, used in low to moderate doses, the individual will experience an analgesic effect along with physical energy, alertness, increased libido, euphoria, sociability, improved mindset or mood, focus and overall improved demeanor. In some cases when taken in large doses, an individual may experience edginess similar to being over-caffeinated.

An a sedative, used in higher doses, an individual will experience an analgesic effect along with euphoria, a lower sensitivity to pain, both physically and emotionally, relaxation, anti-depression and anti-anxiety. Used in excess, it may result in a prolonged sleep.

Helps you get energized and motivated Soothing energy level to help you wind down

High energy booster

Knowing glass terms is a vital part to being able to sell glass to customers at Elev8. We pride ourselves in the ability to know more than other head shops, and the only way to do that is to learn the terms. There are so many terms and techniques we find it best for you to visit the Elev8 Premier website as they have them all.

Elev8 Premier Terms and Techniques
A water pipe and a dab rig are essentially the same things. A dab rig gets its name because it is mainly used for dabbing, but can also be used for flower smoking or vaping. So a dab rig is also a flower rig or vape rig. Same as a water pipe when used for dabs or vaping then becomes a dab rig or vape rig. Many dab rigs are not very big so to keep the volume down so you get a more direct hit without the vapor sitting in the tube length.
Yes, a dab rig is a water pipe and can be used for flower or vaping.

This is done by bending the hands-free attachment more straight or less straight. We do have two hands-free attachment sizes. One is for the Silver Surfer and one is for the Super Surfer. However, the super hands-free attachment will work on the Silver Surfer when you use the new spherical FlavorDisc wand.
The setting can be found here , this is probably what you are looking at and is the correct information. The first settings intentionally don't do a whole lot as they are just too low allow any cannabinoids to vaporize.
First you will have to register with us and we will get you signed up.
The best way is to join our mailing list here. You can sign up for the newsletter at the footer of our page on the right-hand side
This happens over time with dab straws that are made of borosilicate. This can be solved by getting a solid quartz dab straw or a dab straw that is made of borosilicate but has a ground joint. Then you will be able to put on a quartz tip to avoid any heat stress. Another good thing about a dab straw that has a ground joint is you can get one really dope and never worry about the tip breaking as they are two different parts.
You can use any torch you like on the Elev8R, but we recommend a torch larger than a pocket torch. Please check out our torches page for a full list.
The easiest way we have found to get this off is with a razor blade. First, make sure your piece is cold. Then scrap the burned goo off. If it is in crevices you may need to use a pick or something smaller, the tip of a reason can get in there also sometimes. A solution to not have this happen again is to have a silicon dab mat. To place the Elev8R or dab straw on. You can also use a torch to burn off any of the burned goo. Do this outside as it will give off fumes of the plastic. This is a great way to clean it, just be careful it gets really hot.
Your dab straw turns black or really dark brown because of the burned or singed oils. Many times you have no way of knowing what the temperature of the dab straw is so more than likely it is a bit too hot. Then when you put it in the oils or waxes the oils will burn dark. The Elev8R, on the other hand, is vaporizing the oils with convection heat. The Elev8R heater also does not come into contact with the concentrates so they are not burning. After a time the unvaped fats and lipids will start to collect under the FlavorDisc. We recommend burning or soaking the FlavorDisc in alcohol after every 3-6 dabs, depending on how big you go.
The reason dab straws tend to hurt your throat is because many times the dab straw is heated too hot and is also vaporizing the fats and lipids. From our research, we have found that above 500 degrees tends to be too much with the perfect temperature being around 430-450
The Silver Surfer is a great addition to a dab rig. A dab rig is more the piece of glass. The great thing about the Silver Surfer is it can vaporizer both flower and concentrates while also being able to be connected to any rig.
The air does travel through metal so to completely avoid metal with our products may not be fully attainable. You can, however, use a wand that has a glass screen to eliminate a metal screen. The air that comes in is cool and passes through the housing and past some metal, although this is at a lower temperature.
The best way to see how this works is going to the product page (link). The first 3 modes are light color up and then back down. This mode has the options at 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 20 seconds to go up and then back down. The next mode is the same 5, 10 or 20-second options, but this time the lights fade from one color to the next. After that, the lights are just set colors. You use the knob on the left to select the colors. Press the knob to turn the lights on or off.
We have not seen any peeling or anything. Maybe you are referring to what happens to the heater when left in alcohol for long periods of time. Sometimes a white film gets on the heater housing. This is we think to do to a reaction from the metal, concentrates, and alcohol. After it comes out of the alcohol and this happens you can rub it with a cloth or paper towel to clean off that white residue.
The best way is to remove the heater cover from your Silver Surfer after it has cooled down. Then take a razor blade and scrape it until it is clean. Replace the heater cover and you should be good to go.
There could be 2 reasons for this.1 is that the heater cracked and broke.2Nd is that the heater is not fully screwed in. If you feel it is tight let's look at why maybe the heater broke. The heater can burn out for a few reasons. First, if you use a mod and take the heater past 10 watts or 3.7 volts it could get too hot and crack the ceramic. You can run the heater above 10 watts or 3.7 volts, but you do this at your own risk. You need to have enough concentrates to have them over the heater. If the oils are too low and under the heater too cool, and the heater will get too hot, sadly cracking the ceramic and burning out the heater. Do not ever use dry herbs or hash in your Wax Maxer vape pen.
This is best done with a pick that came with your SideKick. If it is used, the tube with vortex cooler will be easy to get out, just push down with your pick and the tube and cooler will come out. The other tube is a little more tricky. You will want to remove your mouthpiece and then you will push your pick in and you will find an edge. This is done by feel. Once you find that you will push and the tube will come out. We will work on a video for this to help.
The fan on the Super Surfer will be able to cool the unit down much faster than just turning it off. If you want you can use the fan also to preheat a FlavorDisc. Once you see vapor coming out, then put your bag valve up to the bag bowl.
You can vape hash out of the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer, Da Buddha in your wand. Note to have a little herb under the hash works out well. The screen will clog up fairly fast, but inhale and get big hits, then remove any hash after you have gotten a good amount of hits. Then when your screen feels clogged with no herb, inhales slow and enjoy the essence. Do this a few times, then take your pick and scrap the screen, blow hard and your screen will be clean again.
This does not work well, and we suggest to mix with just a little flower in the standard wand you use for your vaporizer.
This is not going to ruin your unit. Try to get out all the oil and waxes you can with a tidy tip or q-tip. Then turn the unit on and burn off any oils. Feel free to inhale these oils.
We recommend to clean the bowl out after each use along with the top of the chamber. Also, brush your screen on the top and bottom of it to remove any debris. We recommend cleaning out the vortex cooler after about 10 uses or if it becomes harder to inhale. A nice deep clean is nice also after about 20 bowls. Just keeps it all fresh
Any items we sell as customizable, such as our grinders, can be sent back for customization. Your unit needs to be clean and free of dirt. We can engrave grinders, sidekicks, pax or mods or most things with a finish.
Depending on your reach we can for sure help out with promo items. We like to work with people but require they know about tour products and how they work. We also have a collaboration page you can sign up at.
This is actually one of our most favorite ways to use concentrates. Mixing in just a little concentrate is a perfect enhancer to your flower so you still get the full spectrum and the entourage effect. We suggest about a standard bowls worth that you are custom to of herb. Then add just a dab of concentrates to your flower and then begin to vape. After a hit, you will see the oils have melted into the herbs. We find this easy to clean out later compared to any other way we have tried to do concentrates in a vape.
We do not recommend putting the aroma top on the dishwasher as it should only be heated and cooled slowly.
Yes we do, they can be found by doing a search for Silver Surfer knob, or you can see more here
The Elev8R heater is made on a 19mm or actually 18mm joint.
Lampworking is another term used for glassblowing. Lampworking is more what a glassblower does when they work on a torch. You can learn more about lampworking by clicking here .
When you take your first hit from a dry herb vaporizer that works from convection you will get a small hit the first time. This is due to the fact that the herb needs to get to around 400 if not 430 degrees in order to have the oil vaporizer from the herbs. When you take your first hit the herb is at room temperature and must be raised from around 80 all the way up to 400. After your first hit your herb might be around 300 so it reaches it vaping temperature much sooner. If you take a break and let your herb cool down to room temperature you will get a smaller hit when you go to vape again. Again, your next hit will be larger. Always remember this up and down is standard for a whip style vaporizer and you will usually run your vaporizer at a slightly higher temperature than when you fill a bag. Always turn your unit down in temperature if you are going from a whip to a bag.
Many terpenes start to boil or vaporizer from the herb at a lower temperature than when some of the other cannabinoids tend to vaporize off of the herb. You can learn more about the temperatures that the terpenes and cannabinoids vaporizer at the art of vaporizing .
This can happen as your Volcano vaporizer uses a pump to fill the bag. This is good in that it can fill a bag that has resistance from the herb being packed too tight. But the problem of the bag popping can happen if you walk away from your vaporizer and do not turn it off. The Super Surfer, on the other hand, uses a fan to fill the bag more quietly than the Volcano. With the fan having less force than a pump your bag will not pop when filled all the way. The Super Surfer actually will stop vaporizing as the air will be blocked from the pressure of the bag is full.
Yes, the bag from a Super Surfer or other vapes can be run through a water pipe, rig or bong. All you have to do is insert the valve wand into the rig. Sometimes you will need an adapter to go from a 19mm male that is standard for your bag valve to a different size like a 14mm male which is becoming standard in many rigs when they are made with a 14mm female joint.
Really the best temperature for the SideKick depends on what you like. You can find what the settings mean by going to the product page and looking in the description. We feel starting at about 6-6.5 will give some really great flavor with small micro hits. If you want larger hits and a more roasted flavor we suggest 7-8. If you want bigger hits you will want to run your unit at about 8. Our personal favorite is to start at about 6.5 then turn it up every little bit until you reach the setting 8.
The bags for the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and Da Buddha are made out of hempster. It is a combination of both polyester and hemp. The SideKick bag is made from chambray. Dime bags storage bags were born from the Silver Surfer bag as the Silver Surfer bag was the first bag in the industry to use this hempster fabric.
Yes you can use your Wax Maxer vape pen top with your mod as long as you can turn the wattage down to 10 watts. If you run your Wax Maxer over 10 watts you risk burning out your heater as it can get too hot if you do not have enough oils in the pen. Your Wax Maxer vape top will work with any 510 thread.
The cost to join Elev8 at home is $50. This includes your very own website and 10 products listed to your page. With this fee, you will gain a 20% discount code you can use for your purchases as well as a 1 time 45% discount so you can build up your collection. To learn more about the Elev8 at home partnership visit .
We do not suggest using a FlavorDisc in your SideKick. While it can be done if used properly we find it best not to use one. If you do use one you will need to clean out the disc every 2-3 dab loads. If you do not clean out the disc you run the risk of collecting too much oil that will not vape and have it run into the unit. If you have too many oils that run into the SideKick it can stop the buttons from working.
The best way to help someone make a wholesale order has them fill out this form . It is also best to make sure you know all the items and their prices so you can inform the people you are working with. You can also have them get in contact with
The Matt Z. Doll does not have a name we can pronounce, therefore we can not say it.
The Ferankshanaw story by Steve Kelnhofer started when he was about 6 as an imaginary creature. About 35 years later the first Ferankshanaw was made being an Elev8 doll. These are aliens that come from another planet. You can learn more about the Ferankshanaw here!
Tidy tips are great for keeping your banger clean, cleaning out those difficult spots in the car, or especially for that eye makeup. With the tight weave of the cotton, it is able to absorb well without falling apart, and the tip is great for getting into those tight to reach spots. A q-tip is still better for cleaning your ears as it is softer. The Tidy Tip will help keep all your things tidy.
Yes the whip on the site is the full set. All of our whips can be found here.
No, the Silver Surfer and Super Surfer are compatible with spherical ground glass
Yes, all of the Elev8R's now come with the quartz heater. You can still buy a borosilicate heater at a very affordable price.
There are a ton of reason what makes glass cost what it does.1. The country of origin plays a big role in the end cost of glass.2. The name of the artist that makes the glass plays a large role in the cost of the glass. Typically a blower that has been making glass for a very long time and has perfected his or her skills will charge more. This is because the work is much cleaner than a garage blower.3. Does the USA artist pay their taxes or do they blow glass underground? This makes a big impact on the cost of glass. If the blower is a garage blower they are typically not paying their taxes that you and I have to pay. We do not carry glass made by garage blowers as they do not typically pay income tax, social security tax or Medicare tax, nor do they have workman's comp insurance, building insurance or any insurance. The typical garage blower is also usually blowing in an unsafe area.
Most all quartz is originated from China or the Czech Republic. The final glass is then welded, cut and finished in the USA. We have searched and searched for an American quartz manufacturer and have come up short time and time again. What makes quartz good is if it was made from high quality. There are many qualities from China and the Czech Republic. One thing we have noticed is most all the new designs originate in the USA and are then copied in China. Even some of the big boys are now getting their quartz from China and saying they make it. We will always let you know where our glass originated from.
Cadmium is dangerous. If it is ingested it is very bad for you. The cadmium in the glass that is used in this industry is really fairly safe. When the glass is originally made it does a lot of off-gassing and the air is exhausted through a very well ventilated area. Once the glass is made the glass is fairly safe to work in the flame and is really pretty safe in the cool state. Even when a piece of boro cadmium glass is used in a banger it is pretty safe. The glass does not get hot enough to turn molten so the cadmium is still in the glass. Many of the new bangers that use a piece of cadmium glass in it have the boro cadmium sealed away from coming in contact with the outside air
In the glass world there are basically 3 types of glass. Soft glass (soda lime), borosilicate and quartz. To learn more about these types of glass visit our glass blowing terms . Look at fused quartz when looking for quartz.
The softening point of type pyrex is 820°c (1,510°f). Borosilicate glass is less dense (about 2.23 g/cm3) than typical soda-lime glass due to the low atomic mass of boron. To learn more about the characteristics of different glass visit our glass blowing terms .
CBD is used for your endocannabinoid system. You can learn more about all the cannabinoids at the art of vaporizing . No euphoric effect(high) treats seizure disorders in children and others not seeking the high, can be used to lower blood sugar.
The all-glass option of the Elev8R has a glass screen in the wand and rig attachment. The heater still must use a screen for thermal properties so your herb does not burn.
Style 90 or the Style 93 with the sherlock mouthpiece and an extra sick clip.
You can sign up for our glass blowing classes at
You can see that by clicking on this link .
Visit our calendar to see when we have the next experience
We loved the name hemp so we made a store name that was made from hemp. Higher elevations masterpiece productions are what it ended up being. Maybe that is Elev8 first was born??
Some call this dot tech, but really it is just a form of implosion. Some call it to bubble implosion as you put all the dots on a large thin bubble.
No, each store is independently owned and operated. They all work together along with working with the website. As a group, we can Elev8 more than individually. If you do not see the glass in one shop, but want to see what is at the other the website is a great place to see the overall spread of glass at both brick and mortar locations.
7th Floor has made over 300,000 combined units of the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer, and Da Buddha vaporizers.
The name Elev8 came from a culmination of things. The first thing that it means is to live life at a higher standard. Another meaning to us is that elev8ing your life is a journey and to continue to improve is how we feel the human race should live. Another reason is we are at a higher elevation. The idea first was born for the glass crew to identify themselves. With the expansion of how we get our glass and how the world works Elev8 became Elev8 Glass and Elev8 Premier. Elev8 Glass is our foreign line mixed with USA glass, while our American made glass is Elev8 Premier. Elev8 Glass Gallery is where we sell all our glass goods along with all our meticulously curated products designed to Elev8 your mind.
New ideas come to fruition with the need to solve problems. When a problem arises we work to make a product that will help with that problem. The first thing we strive for is the function must be on point. This is the main purpose of fo designing. The next thing we take into consideration is the look and feel of the product.
The journey of the Silver Surfer started in 2004. There were other desktop vapes out there but they were inferior so we came up with the Silver Surfer. It was the first vaporizer in the industry to use a ceramic heater. It was also the first vaporizer that allowed the user to vape and diffuses at the same time. Only the Silver Surfer and Super Surfer have evolved with the industry.
People tend to like the Puffco Peak because of the hype surrounding it. The Puffco Peak is good in that it combines a water attachment with an atomizer. However, the Puffco Peak only works with concentrate making vaporizers which can do both herbs and concentrates like the Silver Surfer far superior. Also, the Puffco Peak only works with the glass designed for it. Products like the Silver Surfer can be hooked up to any of your favorite dab rigs.
We are in the works for this as we speak. The Puffco Peak is all the hype right now and we will make any product cooler with Elev8 Glass and by meticulously curating the proper goods to Elev8 the products we sell.
By today's standards a vape pen and a mod are vaporizers. Technically they are atomizers that atomize the oils and ejuice essentially vaporizing the oils. This is almost the same thing as vaporizing so for lamen terms they are the same. A true vaporizer uses the proper heat to get the oils to the proper temperature that they beginning to boil off of the plant matter or concentrate and turn to vapor. Atomizers heat the oils and ejuice to a slightly higher temperature so that they make big clouds. If the pen is for just concentrates it is usually heating up so much the fats and lipids also vaporize.
This is not true. THC is not water-soluble so it cannot get lost in the water pipe. Some cooling of the smoke or vapor does happen, and when that happens some of the cannabinoids condense and stick to the water or glass. This does make the hit slightly smaller, but the coolness of the smoke or vapor is so much better for the lungs that its worth it to sacrifice just a little to be kinder to your body. One thing to note is that smaller hits are actually way more efficient as your lungs can more readily absorb more of the vapor. We like to say mass micro hits are the way to go for efficiency and being kind to your body. You only get one.
This is called bioavailability and you can learn a lot here .
Silver Surfer 3 years, Da Buddha 3 years, Super Surfer 2 years, SideKick 1 year, Wax Maxer Vape Pen is 90 days, Pro Trim Elite Scissors is 1 year.
Yes, the 19mm sick clip will work for that. It may get hot because it is right next to the heat source, but that clip will hold the two pieces of glass together. You may also find it is very hard to put this on and off. We suggest a Silver Surfer if you want your glass to lock.
Please reach out to us with your order number so we could look you up. We will do some research to confirm and replace any piece you ordered and didn't receive. You can reach us at
Many of the items in a head shop are for your headspace. Not necessarily to put on your head, but to expand your mind. The glass in a head shop is so artistic, it can make your mind wander. The goods in the store are many times used for cannabis and cannabis is used many times to Elev8 your mind. A head shop is much like a little Alice in Wonderland where you can gaze for days.
This really depends on your method of how you want to use a nail. Refer to our blog for heating methods. The average time to heat a titanium banger is about 20 seconds. If you get it red hot, it's too hot, let it cool. The best way to figure it out is put in some dabs cold. Then heat it until you see the concentrates start to melt. Once they melt add about 5 more seconds and that is a close time to heat up the titanium banger.
Refer to our blog here
This really comes down to you. As a glass company we love glass, and for bangers, we prefer the quartz. All people are different and we have heard why they like what they like and it all makes sense. If you talk about durability, titanium has it won. You can drop it, heat it and cool it crazy and it will not break. From all the dabs we have done and from the people, we talk with the majority say quartz is best for flavor. If you love flavor like we do look into a vaporizer like the Silver Surfer as you will get some of the best flavors ever at the right temperature.
To fill or use your butane torch we recommend checking out this blog . Always fill your torch upside down and always do this outside. When you are done with your torch make sure 100% you have turned it all the way off.
The tubing for the 7th Floor Vaporizers are made from a food grade vinyl tubing made in the USA to a specific durometer that allows the tubing to be softer than the standard tubing you would find at home depot. The tubing can reach temperatures of 250 safely. Way below the temperature that the tubing will ever get by vaping.
Rubber tubing smells bad and gives a taste that is less pleasurable, and is not available in a food-grade variant.
Changing you screen or keeping it clean really makes the vaporizing experience much better than a clogged screen. We suggest changing your screen ever 10-15 bowls, or when you notice your wand becoming clogged. You may have to clean or change it more often if you are vaping hash, keif or some really really good dank. You can see how to best change your screen here . Remember the best way is to flip that screen when it is in there.
Eventually all things will fail, the good news is the 7th Floor line of vapes have been known to run 10+ years. If your vape does fail, contact us up at to get it fixed up. The cost of repair is generally around $25-$35 not including shipping. Many of the parts are easy to fix yourself with some standard tools.
Your 7th Floor Vaporizer like the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer or Da Buddha has been designed to run al day. Yes, 24/7 as it also is a wax melt warmer.
Better flavor than smoking, more efficient than smoking, less smell than smoking. You can learn more here .
It takes about 3 days to make a Silver or Super Surfer Vaporizer. This has to do with waiting for the weld to set. From start to finish it takes about 3 hours of time to produce one from scratch.
The batteries last 3+ full uses in the SideKick. Keeping one set in the charger will ensure a continued run time
On average the battery that comes with the Wax Maxer will last a few days with constant use. When using the mod you can expect the battery to last nearly a week with standard use when operating at about 10 watts.
Yes you can use your Silver and Super Surfer as well as the Da Buddha for vaporizing when using the whip if you also have the aroma top on.
Dabbing when done right is not bad. What is bad is when someone does a dab that is too hot. When a hot dab is inhaled you are also inhaling the fats and lipids. These can hurt the lungs and actually have been known to cause lipid pneumonia.
Air trap and bubble trap are the same things. Alien Skin is a form of bubble trap. You can learn more here
The simple answer is yes. The full answer is wig wags are the start of a switchball. A switchball is what is made after you wig wag lined colored tubing. A reversal is another name for switchball.
The journey of the SSV started in 2004. There were other desktop vapes out there but they were inferior so we came up with the Silver Surfer. It was the first vaporizer in the industry to use a ceramic heater. It was also the first vaporizer that allowed the user to vape and diffuses at the same time. Only the SSV and SUP have evolved with the industry.
With the Aroma Top for the SSV, SUP, and DBV you can use any wax melt or essential oil you like. DO NOT EVER put in cold oils into a hot dish, it will crack. We recommend if you use essential or fragrance oils to keep a little wax in the aroma top so that you can just drop the oils into the wax. The wax will prevent cold oil from hitting the hot glass.
The Phoenix Oath covers all Elev8 Glass, Elev8 Premier Glass, and any 7th Floor glass when you purchase the warranty when buying the glass. Learn more here .
We are willing to look at any partnership, but if you are looking to place ads with our sites, we only allow ads to be placed on You can contact us to place an ad with Elev8 Presents by sending an email to

The batteries will read 4.2 volts after fully charged. They should power the unit on and bring the unit up to the desired temperature. If the batteries don't read 4.2 volts when fully charged, the batteries might be getting weaker and may need to be replaced. If the batteries show no voltage and won't charge, they may need to be jump started (video below) with a fully charged battery showing 4.2 volts. If the batteries will turn the SideKick on but shut off when the unit starts to heat up, the batteries aren't pushing the energy through the battery, and the battery needs to be replaced. If the unit will not turn on at all with any set of batteries and the batteries all show 4.2 volts, we may need to continue to troubleshoot to resolve the issue.

The easiest way to remove sharpie is to use another sharpie to replace the old sharpie writing, then wipe the fresh sharpie away with a paper towel.
The Elev8R heater is made with pure quartz glass, and does not have lead in it. Only soft glass uses lead in it.
You can find a DBV or Da Buddha vaporizer heater replacement here .
Yes, you can use your Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and the Da Buddha using the whip setup while also using the aroma top.
Yes, to learn how to get a link is to see the info here .
The terms and conditions of an Elev8 At Home Rep can be found here .

We can for sure get you a new adapter or bucket. Just call us up and we will make it happen.
No, our heaters do not burn out often. That does not mean they will last forever. We find they last about 6-8 years. Some have lasted 12+ years. You get long life and if it does fail in the warranty period you are covered. Even outside of the warranty it's about $25 to get a new heater for your unit and they are super easy to fix. Ceramic heaters last so long because the element is sealed inside the ceramic stopping oxidation. The higher the temperature the faster metal oxidizes, but in ceramic it is nearly eliminated and the life extended.
The all-glass Elev8 has a glass screen in the wand and adapter. Both designs use a metal screen in the quartz Elev8R heater. Glass screens cost way more and take longer to work into the final product making it cost more
Hardened Steel coated in chrome
The Elev8R must use the metal screen in the Elev8 heater or the glass will get too hot and burn the herb. We do however have a glass screen available in the all-glass kit so there is a glass screen in the wand and rig adapter.
Stainless Steel
This is the software company that runs our affiliate program
Absolutely not. PG and PEG are additives to the material being vaped. Our vaporizers are designed with a heating chamber, which pulls air over the product. The only way PG or PEG would be in our vapes is if the product used contained PG or PEG
The Silver Surfer and Da Buddha use about 25 watts while the Super uses about 35 watts with the fan and lights going at the same time.
Make sure the heater is sitting between 18 and 116 inches from the heater cover. If this doesn't solve the heating issue, than check that the shape of the heater cover is close to your old heater cover, compare it to our website pictures, or send us a picture to verify there is no defect in the shape that might cause this problem. Our heater covers have always, and will always, be made of borosilicate glass.
Yes! Please refer to our return policy for guidelines to this.
Not currently, but if you are down in Colorado Springs, we would love to demonstrate our different products with you!
It is glass that has many hours put into it. It may also have many techniques and attachments. Learn more about Heady Glass .
Yes, you will need either 2 hose adapter with 2 clips to connect in the middle of a whip. Or, one hose adapter, a ground glass mouthpiece, and two clips.
For the SSV, DBV, and LSVt pull about 25 watts. The Super Surfer pulls about 35 watts with the fan and lights going.
These are basically the same thing. The mod will allow the user to adjust the voltage or wattage to fine-tune the heat.
If you are an Elev8 At Home rep we need it to have Elev8 in it so that the end customer feels good about the full interaction.
This is the standard slider bowl. This is from the outside diameter (OD) of the tubing.
This is because it is a form of a vapor that is produced. This is produced when the heater or atomizer gets hot and gets the nicotine and glycerin to a hot enough point that it vaporizes so you can inhale.
MAP pricing stands for Minimum Advertised Price. This is the lowest price allowed to show the price of a product. The vendor can offer discounts with specials, but they can not advertise the price below the MAP price.
This this is mostly done in soft glass as borosilicate can melt the gold off and you will not see it. If gold is used in boro it is done by fuming. You can see fuming here.
No, a nectar collector is heated and the hot glass is what vaporizes the concentrates. With the Elev8R the part you heat up heats air so you get a better flavor without burning the fats and lipids making a smoother hit.
If you purchase a gift certificate online you can use it online and at either one of the brick and mortar sister locations. If you got a gift certificate from one of the stores you can not use it online, but you can use it at either brick and mortar sister store.
Perhaps you mean that it might dissolve the silicone? Polymers can dissolve, but silicone rubber won't dissolve in alcohol. It can swell to some degree depending on the type of silicone and degree of cross-linking of the polymer. When this happens, the polymer is essentially trying to dissolve, and taking solvent into its structural lattice. It could swell to many times the original size. But when the alcohol is removed and allowed to evaporate, it will return to the original state, it had not dissolved, or melted.
Only soft glass has lead in it. Quartz glass is pure fused quartz. This is what makes it so great and have great thermal resistance.
There are a few things you can try, but if the threads have been cross-threaded than there might be too much damage done to the grinder. You can try cleaning the grinder (soaking in cleaning solution), you could also try freezing the grinder or boiling the grinder in water. A rubber mat will help you grip one side to try opening.
The standard kit has the wand and adapter that uses a metal screen to keep the airway clear of debris. The all glass kit uses a glass screen in place of the metal screen. Both kits us a metal screen in the quartz Elev8R heater for thermal dynamics to keep your herbs from burning by the heat of the quartz heater. If it was a glass screen built into the Elev8R heater, any time you shook the vape, it would burn. We tried to perfect this before we realized the only way was a metal screen in the Elev8R heater. This screen will really never get dirty, but the screen in the wand and adapter does get dirty. With a glass screen, you will never have to put in a new screen, but you will have to clean that glass screen.
Many times we ship the silver and super surfer vaporizers without knobs. This usually happens when we are sending outside the USA so there is no chance the knob gets broken in transit.
Compared to smoke there is a lot less stuff in vapor. Vapor consists of the essential oils in the plant, where smoke is everything, including the plant. We do feel that if you leave the vapor in the bag for hours at a time, gravity will have the vapor particles settle to the bag making the vapor not so good. If you are vaping in a bag, try to avoid filling it with more than you will immediate use. You can always fill the bag up more. This is good for any forced air vaporizer.
Moonrocks are very dense so it is best to use in a Silver Surfer as the bowl is much larger and you can really break it up. The SideKicks main focus is on dry herbs
To correctly use an insert for your banger you will heat your banger up for 10-45 seconds, depending on your torch. You will put a little bit of concentrate in the insert. You can fill the insert before you heat your banger as well. Once you have the insert with a dab and you have heated your banger, you will then drop the insert into the banger. As the heat migrates from the banger to the insert, you will see the concentrate start to melt and boil. Once this happens, place your carb cap on banger and inhale.
People use terp pearls to help swirl the oils. They are for sure neat to watch spin. To use a terp pearl it helps to also have a directional carb cap to help get the pearls spinning. The pearls also soak up heat, helping to vaporize the concentrates in the banger. Terp peals come in synthetic gemstones as well as borosilicate glass.
We find the best way to keep your banger clean is after clean it after each use. The biggest thing that gets your banger filthy is that when it is over the heater, the oils start to burn on to the banger. Doing low-temperature dabs is one of the most important things to do keep a clean banger. We suggest using tidy tips after each dab. To keep your banger from becoming charred, or burned you will want to not heat your banger up to glowing red with oils in it. As you heat it up this hot there is a reaction to the oils and the quartz. The oils get so hot the become carbon and start to adhere to the quartz causing charring. Then the banger is heated up again red hot with oils as carbon, the carbon will start to become one with the quartz.
This is a very hard question because the best means different things to many people. We find the majority of people like RAW, but then you have arguments for OCP. Really you need to know what you are looking for in a paper. Some like papers thin and some like them thick to make a slower burning joint. Really this depends again on what you personally like.
You can, but they must be small. The biggest issue we find is that the center heater part stops the air flow from going in a circle making it hard to spin the pearls. As much as we love the terp pearls we find they are more designed for looks. If you use your carb cap properly, you will be able to move the oils around the dish heating them efficiently.
Many dab tools are made of titanium. If the tool is to be heated to high temperatures titanium or quartz are best. Most of the time the dab tool is used to get the concentrate and add to the banger, enail or dab dish. So really any metal will work for this as well as borosilicate, quartz or soft glass. NEVER USE PLASTIC or wood.
The Super Surfer is the ultimate vape. If you want a color we make the super surfer as the wave rider series. As this is the ultimate way to make a surfer unique, 7th Floor decided the only option for the Super Surfer is as a WRS. Only the best for the best.
The silver and super surfers are the most universal vaporizers on earth. First, they are built in Colorado Springs and anyone can stop by for a tour. Each surfer features a handcrafted knob. Only the Surfer features a 22-degree angle so your herb does not fall into the heater. Only the Surfer allows you to diffuse wax melts or essential oils 24/7 so it's ready for you to vape. Only the Silver Surfer comes in a sweet Hempster carrying bag. Only the Surfer features the Dab Dish EOK for dabbing concentrates.
Most of the glass we sell is borosilicate glass. Our vapes use borosilicate glass as well. Some of our water pipes are made of soft glasses, which have a lesser resistance to thermal shock. All soft glass water pipes use a borosilicate downstem and bowl to avoid this being a problem.
There are a few differences from the DBV to the SSV. First, the SSV was the first vape made by 7th Floor. The Surfer sits at a 22-degree angle so no herbs fall into the heater. All Surfers now come with the spherical flavor disc wand giving it a larger bowl as well as no chance for the heater cover and wand to stick. The Surfer uses a hands-free attachment to lock the wand to the heater cover. The SSV has a hand made glass knob for controlling the heat. The SSV has a metal base while the DBV uses only a black plastic vape. The SSV can be made with nearly any graphic while the DBV only comes in silver or black. The SSV is more assembled in the USA compared to the DBV.
When it comes to the strength of glass, borosilicate and quartz are the same. But when it comes to thermal resistance quartz has borosilicate beat. Borosilicate if heated past 1050 can cause stress in the glass making it weaker and more prone to breaking. It's why it's not a good idea to heat your boro to red hot. Quartz, on the other hand, can glow red and then be put in water for a fast cool down without the quartz cracking. No glass beats quartz when it comes to thermal resistance
Elev8 Your City is a marketing campaign we put on the back burner. The idea is to get people to place Elev8 Glass Gallery stickers all of their city to Elev8 it. Click the link to learn more.
Elev8 the Bees was an art project put on by Elev8 Premier. The focus was on bees. We did a shirt and did some glass sales to get the Colorado Bee Keepers some money to help fight the battle. Click the link to learn more
No we do not sell raw glass. If you need some raw glass and you are in Colorado Springs you can stop by Elev8 Premier.
Health and flavor inspired the SSV. Its the most solid built vape while also being the most artistic vape in the world. It's a unit to solve the issue associated with combustion.

The leaves of kratom have been used as a stimulant in low doses, a sedative in large doses, an anti-diarrheal and painkiller. It is said that Kratom affects the human brain similarly to an opiate although there is no conclusive clinical data proving how the alkaloids work in relation to the human brain.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is uncontrolled in the United States with the exception of Indiana and Vermont. This means all parts of the plant and its extracts are legal to cultivate, buy, possess, and distribute (sell, trade or give) without a license or prescription. If sold as a supplement, sales must conform to U.S. supplement laws.

When taken by itself (not mixing it with other substances), the greatest risk when taking Kratom may be falling asleep while engaged in hazardous activities. Like any other substance that may be mind-altering or affect your cognitive abilities, do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of Kratom. Always use common sense. Due to the lack of medical studies regarding the use of Kratom in relation to pregnancy, pregnant women should not take any drug or medication except at the medical advice from their physician. It is not known whether it could cause birth defects or fetal death. Once again, always use common sense regarding anything that you put in your body.

As a stimulant, used in low to moderate doses, the individual will experience an analgesic effect along with physical energy, alertness, increased libido, euphoria, sociability, improved mindset or mood, focus and overall improved demeanor. In some cases when taken in large doses, an individual may experience edginess similar to being over-caffeinated.

An a sedative, used in higher doses, an individual will experience an analgesic effect along with euphoria, a lower sensitivity to pain, both physically and emotionally, relaxation, anti-depression and anti-anxiety. Used in excess, it may result in a prolonged sleep.

Kava (Latin name Piper Methysticum) is a beverage or extract made from a plant species belonging to the pepper family. This plant is native to the western Pacific islands, mainly Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii. The plant is known as Asava Pepper or Intoxicating Pepper, it can grow to an average height of six feet. It has heart-shaped leaves that stretch to ten inches wide. The best way to consume kava is by drinking it. The traditional beverage is made by steeping kava, either fresh or ground into a dried powder, into room temperature water in order to extract its active components. The drink has to be shaken or stirred before it is consumed. It is a beverage and should be consumed that way. Extracts, pills, capsules, alcoholic solutions should not be considered kava. It’s like if you put caffeine in a pill, you cannot call it coffee, just like dried raisins in a capsule are not wine. Kava is legal in the United States and most other countries. There are even Kava bars you can go to, to try it. For centuries, Pacific Islanders have used kava as a medicinal plant because of its sedative, anesthetic, euphoriant, and psychotropic properties. This herb has been used to treat migraines, insomnia, infections, rheumatism, and anxiety. In some cultures, it is used for religious and cultural traditions, including weddings, political events, funerals, and royal events. Studies have shown that kava can effectively ease anxiety, relieve stress, and relax the muscle and nervous tension, as well as combat insomnia and improve sleep conditions. Kavalactones are the active ingredient in kava, there are six major kavalactones in kava. They pass through the bloodstream when absorbed, causing the plant to act as a muscle relaxant. Kavain is just one kavalactone that is concentrated mostly in the roots of the plant. It's responsible for the feeling of relaxation. Although kava has sedative-like properties, its not an actual sedative. Kavalactones don’t affect the brain directly. The mild euphoric feeling comes from desmethoxyyangonin, another major kavalactone. It boosts your dopamine levels, this is why when you drink kava, there is no alteration of your perception of reality. Generally, there are no side effects when drinking Kava in moderation. It’s just like coffee if you drink too much you can have negative side effects. Studies have shown if taken enough it can cause liver issues. There still isn’t enough information about kava, research is still needing to be done.
There really is no best way. Many people like to eat them. Some like to smoke them. Really you need to find what is the best way for you that you like. Bioavailability is important and vaping offers the highest form of bioavailability while eating is one of the lowest. We also find that vaping allows you to mass microdose to the biggest bang for the buck.
The new SideKick V2 will feature 1 18650 battery and a snap-close battery cover.
Vaping through water enhances the experience by cooling the vapor and moisturizing the vapor making the hit smoother.
The Elev8 Ceramic Flavor Disc is made from pure ceramic and is sintered at 1300 degrees C. The flavor disc is one of the best affordable ways to truly taste your concentrates. Originally designed to work with 7th Floor desktop vapes to vaporize concentrates. They also work great in a pipe and you only need to use a lighter to make it work! The flavor disc works by creating a ton of area. The area is what allows your concentrates to vaporize efficiently. As the disc is heated up, the concentrates touching the flavor disc will start to vaporize as the oils reach their optimum vaping temperature.
Minerals give glass their color. Color changing glass comes from fuming with gold and silver. You can learn more about glass at our Glass Terms, Techniques, & Tools in the Industry
At a liquid Arts class you will learn to safely blow glass, you will learn how the glass melts and you will learn if you love it or hate the art of glassblowing. You will walk away with some glass pieces you make and we can also make you glass pipes or other things with your parts while you are at the experience.
Using a water pipe, recycler or any dab rig with your Silver Surfer, Super Surfer or DBV is SUPER simple. All you need is a water pipe adapter to replace your mouthpiece with. The water pipe adapter needs to have the same size joint as your recycler or water pipe. If your water pipe has a male joint you will need a female adapter, if your water pipe has a female joint, it will need a male water pipe adapter.

Our 2-Piece grinders are 34 inches tall, and our 4-Piece grinders are 2 & 14 inches tall. Diameter selections are available on their product pages.

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