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Frequently Asked Questions

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We can help you with any issues you have, either by email at or by phone at 719-418-1254

  • How do I register my vaporizer?
    • To register any one of your 7th Floor vaporizers such as the SIlver or Super Surfer (SSV), Da Buddha (DBV) , Life Saber (LSV), SideKick or Wax Maxer visit the Registration Page
  • Did my order go through?
    • You should receive an e-mail confirmation when you order is submitted for processing and another e-mail when your order is shipped.
    • If you created a user account and were logged in at the time of purchase, you may check the status of your order at any time by logging in or going to My Account and selecting 'Orders'. Click on the order for more detailed information about your order.
    • If you selected ‘Checkout as Guest’ option when placing your order, you will have to contact us to check on the status of your order.
  • Do you offer discounted items?
    • Yes, we offer glass and vaporizer bundles with significant discounts, unused cosmetic blemished vaporizers, and on occasion, glass with small sealed hairline cracks. Blemished units and sealed glass are tested and fully functional, and the blemish or cracks are purely a cosmetic imperfection. We would never sell dysfunctional vaporizers or glass.
    • For a full list of everything we sell discounted, check out our Hot Deals page
  • If I order something for Elev8 At Home and forget my consultant name can I change it after so they get the credit??
    • Yes, the best way is to email our service team ASAP by contacting them at customercare@elev8distribution or call 719-418-1254
  • Help! I entered the wrong shipping address and I need to change it.
    • Please contact us as soon as possible to correct your shipping information. Once an order has left our warehouse we are unable to retrieve it from the postal service. If you selected UPS or FedEx for your shipping method, we *may* be able to contact them and request delivery to an alternate address. This is rare that we can get it redirected, but we try our hardest for that
    • To confirm your address you should log into your account and confirm your address. You can do this by logging in and clicking on the "addresses" button to see what addresses you have saved with us. You can change this address at any time.
  • How discrete is your packaging?
    • We ship in discreet brown boxes or regular U.S. Postal Service boxes and the sender is listed as “Elev8 Distribution”.
  • How do I know what size joint I have?
    • This is a very common question. We have made a blog with images to help you understand what size joint you have.
  • How do I order custom glass?
    • If you would like to order custom glass you can contact us directly to place your order
    • Custom glass orders may take 2 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity and schedule of the blowers.
    • Once the order is placed the artist that will make your custom glass will contact you to discuss ideas to get on the same page as much as possible. When dealing with visions our artists try their best to capture your idea. The more info you have the better. Pictures are GREAT to help communicate.
    • The artist may need to change certain aspects of customers' preferences for the piece to come together. The artist will contact you about anything that might need to change to make your piece a reality.
  • How do I Modify / Cancel my order?
  • How do I use this?
    • We have a large collection of information to inform you with everything you could ever need to know. Each product should have all the information regarding its use on its product page. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please select the resource below the works best for you.
    • If you're still unable to find what you're looking for, please contact us, and we'll teach you everything you would like to know.
  • I don’t see any vapor with my vaporizer
    • Plant matter vapor is visible under the right lighting, it looks and behaves similarly to a very light smoke or mist. It is possible to blow vapor rings, but your vapor from vaporizing will never be thick like the e-juice vapes. Visually, it can be compared to seeing your breath on a cool night, with the exhaled vapor dissipating much more quickly than smoke. If you do not see or taste any vapor, try turning the heat up just a little, wait about 30 seconds and inhale at your standard speed or use a slower inhale. We recommend to keep your standard draw speed and adjust the temperature accordingly to your inhale speed. If you inhale very fast and run a hotter unit, be careful when sharing with other people that may inhale slower than you. This could lead to combustion. Remind them to inhale like you do, or turn your unit down a little for them.
    • To learn more about how vaporizing works, check out The Art of Vaporizing
  • If a customer forgets to put in my consultant number or name for an Elev8 At Home order do I have a chance to fix it?
    • Yes, the best way is to email our service team ASAP by contacting them at customercare@elev8distribution or call 719-418-1254
  • How do I know what type of glass my vaporizer has?
    • The best way to know what kind of glass heater cover or wand glass you have it by reading our blog
  • How long do I have to wait before my order is shipped?
    • Our processing time on standard orders is 48 hours, with exception to out-of-stock items. We try our best to get them out in 24 hours, but we are not Amazon and have a small staff. Know we do everything in our power to get your order out ASAP
    • Processing time on custom vape orders is 3-6 days, with custom glass taking from 2-8 weeks, depending on the complexity and availability of the blowers we work with.
    • Products with custom art, such as the Silver Surfer Wave Rider Series or custom engraving orders are subject to copyright approval and may take additional time to process.
  • How much will shipping cost?
    • Once you have your selected item in your shopping cart, you may estimate shipping charges by entering your information at the bottom of the page. Shipping cost depends on the weight and size of what you order.
  • How should I clean my glass?
    • We offer a variety of cleaning products, which can all be found here. Using a cleaner with a pumice or salt will help clean the glass much better. Warming the cleaner in a microwave for 5 or so seconds will help also clean the glass better.
  • I'm paying with Check / Money Order, where do I send my payment?
    • Please make checks payable to “Elev8 Distribution” and send to: Elev8 Distribution
    • 1450 Aviation Way
    • Colorado Springs, Co 80916
  • My promotional or discount code isn’t working.
    • Certain discount codes are only valid for a limited time. Make sure you've entered your code in correctly, and verify it hasn’t expired.
    • Please contact us if you are having trouble with a promotion or discount code at checkout.
  • My unit isn’t working, does it need to be repaired?
    • Your unit may not need to be repaired, all vaporizers are different, and because of this, there are many reasons why they might not be functioning. Please contact us so our knowledgeable staff can help determine if your unit needs to be sent in for repairs, or if we can help you fix it, quickly and easily, over the phone.
  • Do you offer repairs?
    • Elev8 Glass Gallery does not do repairs on vaporizers, or anything else we do not manufacture. If your vaporizer is not functioning, please contact us first to ensure you're using it correctly, or if there is anything we can help with.
    • We can do occasionally do glass repairs, however, there is a high chance the repair will fail, and the piece will be permanently destroyed. Because of this, glass repairs are handled on a case by case basis. We also reserve the right to deny any repair for any reason. For a consultation please contact our glass studio at 719-646-5352
    • If you're someone who frequently drops and breaks glass, we recommend you to invest in our Phoenix Oath Glass Warranty.
  • My order didn't come with everything I purchased.
    • If an item was missing from your order, please contact us so we can correct this immediately.
  • What places do you ship to? Do you ship internationally?
    • We can ship anywhere in the world. There are risks involved with shipping to Germany or Israel, among others. If you'd like to hear those risks and complete an order, please contact us.
    • Yes, we offer international shipment to nearly all countries. When ordering be aware that you may have to pay VAT tax or import tax. This is a tax put in place by most countries and is something we have no control over. The tax will not be included in purchasing your order.
    • To get an estimate, so you know what to expect, please look up your federal import tax.
  • What is your returns policy?
    • We will gladly accept any new, unused items for return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us to return or exchange items.
  • Where is my order? How do I track it?
    • Once your order has shipped you will receive an e-mail with your tracking information. Click on the link or copy & paste the link into google for tracking
    • If you did not receive your e-mail you can log in to your account or contact us for your tracking information.
  • What payment methods do you offer?
    • We can only support Credit/Debit Card payment and Check/Money Order payment at this time. Please Note – if you are using a VISA Gift Card, you must register the card to your billing address with the card issuer.
  • Do you warranty your products?
    • Our products do not come with any warranties, however, we do have a glass warranty program which you can add on to any piece of Elev8 Glass!
    • Any items we resale should still be protected under their original manufacturer warranty, and any issues you have with your vaporizer should be directed towards the manufacturer. If the manufacturer requires a receipt, you should be able to locate this in your account under 'Orders'. If you have any issues locating this, please contact us.

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