Dab Machines


Dab machines are built for the dabber that wants consistent heat and the ultimate experience.  Today there are many machines for dabbing including enails, vaporizers and dare we say, even dab pens count as dabbing machines.

Types of dab machines currently on the market:


E-nails are very popular for doing dabs these days.  They are easy to use and with the attachments that work with them, they can work on almost any dab rig.  We only care the best enails on the market.


Vaporizers are great dab machines.  They heat the concentrates up to the proper temperature that they will boil and vaporize giving the user the best flavor and smoothest hit.  We really love the SSV with its ability to vaporize dry herbs, concentrates using the flavor disc as a well as the new EOK dab dish for people who like bangers.

Vape Pens-

Vape pens are great dab machines for people who love concentrates on the go.  They are highly portable and dab pens like the Wax Maxer work at a nice low vaporizing temperature to deliver flavorful and smooth hits.  Many dab pens can also be hooked up to dab rigs using an adapter.  


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