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Dab Dish Essential Oil Kit (EOK) for the Super Surfer Vaporizer®

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Dab Dishes currently on back order until 8-28-19

The Super Surfer EOK Kit comes complete with everything you'll need to dab on your Super Surfer Vaporizer! The new Dab Dish transforms your Super Surfer into the ultimate dabbing machine. Even Dabbing Granny said "this is better than any E-Nail I have used". As a connoisseur you will start your temperature out low and slowly turn it up until you get the effects you are looking for. Some love the cool temp. dabs, while others like the hard hitting hot dab. Either way you will love this new EOK Dab Dish upgrade!

Upgrade your Super Surfer Vaporizer to the new Essential Oil Kit made for people that like to dab concentrates. This upgrade turns you SSV into the ultimate E-Nail. Now simply go from vaporizing dry herbs to dabbing concentrates effortlessly Only the Super Super Vaporizer can vape, dab and diffuse in one unit when upgraded with this kit.





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2 Reviews

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    I can honestly say I have no idea how I ever smoked with out this. I've been using concentrates pretty religiously for about 3 years and I've used everything from $500 e-nail rigs to butter knives heated on the stove. But my super surfer equipt with my new dab dish has been the best thing since I smoked my first joint. The flavor is phenomenal and the high is unmatched! This and my wax maxer are officially my daily driver and I don't see that changing until I break this one :/ or these mad scientist make it even better!
    P.s. The things you guys do are amazing! Thank you so much!

  • 5

    I have never had cleaner hits. It's so amazing my wife uses it too:)) It really helps with not only her physical pain from their birth but also is helping keep her hormones in check. keeps her happy. And I don't know how I ever lived without that dab attachment! It's amazing and gets me baked with less! I love it!

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