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This Elev8 Butter tubing is hand made by Elev8 Premier.  The idea of butter colors is that they work like butter for the glassblower.  Most butters are a colored tube with another layer of color on top.  This technique really brings out depth and new colors that just have not been around.  Once the colored tube is finished it is then sleeved in clear tubing.  This allows the color to really pop!  If you are a glassblower you will love the way the glass works like nice smooth butter. 

The tubing can range in many sizes from 10mm to 40mm.   When Elev8 Premier pulls they like to pull small and larger diameter so the artist can spend less time messing with the color, and just get to work.  Diameters are not guaranteed, but if you want smaller or larger diameter, leave us a note when you check out.


  • Colors Used
    • Toxic Green
    • Stardust
  • Made on 50 x 9mm Schott Glass tubing
    • This is done so that there is a lot of clear over the color.  This gives a better effect, it feels or appears more glossy.
  • Elev8 Butter Color Tubing is based at $80 an LB*.

Get your Elev8 Butter Colors high quality colored lined tubing today!


*Each piece is handmade so it may be over or under 1 lb, after piece is prepped for sale, we will contact the customer with the final weight and adjust price accordingly.*

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