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Dabbing Granny is the granny that embraces the cannabis community and is not afraid to show you her true self as only The Real Dabbing Granny can. Filled with love and compassion many people have fallen in love with the Dabbing Granny formerly known as Gail to the world.

Most of her adult life was spent working at a thrift store on an Army base. One point in time she was prescribed antibiotics and her doctor said they would work well if she also ate an edible. For sure have the times changed as years ago a military doctor would have never said that, but luckily in Colorado many doctors have been more than willing to accept the positive benefits of cannabis.

November of 2015 is when The Real Dabbing Granny came on site. Without too much thought and just being who she is, Dabbing Granny posted a video of her doing a dab. WIth that video it was over for Gail, and she became the one and only Dabbing Granny. The video had a half million views in a week. In six months Dabbing Granny had 150,000 followers and as of today she is sitting at ¾ a million followers on Instagram.

Here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we are proud to know and be friends with such a lovable woman here only to help put a smile on your face, and that she does so well. People gravitate to Dabbing Granny for the fact that she is just real and a wonderful human.

Gail was born in Dubuque, Iowa in 1955. At the ripe age of 15 she started to experiment and find the goodness in cannabis. Later in life she married her husband Kevin, soon she became and Army wife as Kevin wanted stability and the Army offered just that. Dabbing Granny never stopped smoking cannabis and if she was in Germany or Korea she was always able to sniff out a connect. For 24 years she dedicated her life to running a nonprofit thrift store on Fort Carson. With her first social media post this life of 24 years soon came to an end as the government does not like the Dabbing Granny.

Today Dabbing Granny has some amazing curated products here on Elev8 Glass Gallery that she meticulously picked out and helped inspire. Support the biggest name in the dab game and say hit to her at


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