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Earn up to 80% on each piece of art you sell. We are not here to be greedy, but we need money to make the machine work.

  • This is mostly intended for glassblowers, but all artists are welcome.  The only thing we ask is that the art is over $200.  There is a lot of work that goes into this program and with the small amount we keep we need this to be profitable for all.  Therefor at this time all items that you post on your page must sell for a minimum retail value of $200.
  • Any art that sells for $200-$299.99 or less the artist will earn 70%
  • Any art that sells for over $300 and up to $$499.99 you will earn 75%
  • Any art that sells for over $500 will receive 80%
  • There is a $5 fee for us to post the item. This money is returned back to you at the time of sale. We do have to pay people to put add the products to the site.
    • Sign up now and get your first 10 pieces FREE
    • Sell your item on your own
      • If you repost a new item after you notify us to remove the item we will only charge you $3 for the repost of the new item
    • If you sell your item  and you do not repost a new item we keep the $5 for our time to manage the site
  • You must take high-quality images and get them to us via google drive. We prefer to have the longest edge around 2200pxl at about 150dpi. If you crop your image close and the image is not a perfect square we have a neat little thing that makes the images look neat, so feel free to crop square or not. 4-10 pictures are good with about 5-7 being the norm depending on how big or technical it is.
  • You need to give us a description. The better you write it the better it helps sell the piece, tell a story. Tell us also the specifics like the dimensions, colors used, techniques or any other facts.
  • You must ship the item within 3 days of getting the order to the buyer.
  • You will be paid what we collect for shipping. But note, we do offer free shipping over $100 so you will have to pay for your own shipping if the item is over $100.
    • If you want to charge more for shipping, just add it into the price you are asking to be paid retail so the customer feels they are getting free shipping.  Amazon and America has made this standard
  • You must let us know if you want to be part of our sales. If you are part of our sales you are understanding that you will only get paid what your item sells for
    • For instance, you list your art piece for $200 and we have a 51% off sale and you are also part of the sales program. You will only be getting 70% of $98 that is $68.60. (we would not do this EVER)
    • If you are not part of our sales, sometimes when it is store wide your product will not show up. At this time, this is the only way we can make our system work. 
  • You must ship your items as we have listed out. If you do not and it breaks it is not covered by any shipping warranty.
  • Want to earn more money!  Visit our Elev8 At Home Partnership Page to learn more.  Earn 12%-30% commission on select items, or earn 17%-45% credits on select items.   Be your own boss and build our brands together!
  • You can also add a few other items to your page to help earn more money.  Just let us know by contacting
  • Add add-ons that you want on your listing and earn more and offer your customers a better value.
  • Get your own domain for only $20 a year. This means all you have to do is market yourself and push your domain and it goes to your Elev8 Glass Gallery Page.
    • If you ever want to leave us you just have to pay to have it transferred
  • Have your page listed under our Collaborators category.
  • Your items will also appear in searches on our site, as well as newly added items on our home page.
  • Your products show up also in see all partners category
  • Do you want to sell your glass wholesale to our partners we work with?
    • If the answer is yes, you have to accept that the sales price will be ½ what the retail is.
    • Elev8 Glass Gallery will keep 15% of the wholesale sales price
    • You will be responsible to ship it to the wholesale customer.  We do have the ability to ask the customer to pay for the shipping if you like.
  • To add images you will need to have a google account to add them directly to the add a product form.  To make a google account please refer to google
  • Exclusions Do Apply
    • Only Elev8 Premier, Elev8 Glass and 7th Floor Vape Products are eligible for cash.  The profits are not there on other items when everything gets split.
  • Top Banner-Graphic
    • We need a banner graphic from you to make your page look dope!  This banner needs to be 3900pxl X 900pxl at 150 DPI.
    • If you need help with this we can for sure help.  The cost to have a banner made with graphics you supply is $40.  If you need us to come up with the graphic from scratch the cost is $7

If you have any questions please ask us and we will get back to you asap

Artist Sign Up

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