EOK Quartz Dab Dish Instructions and Tips To Make The Ultimate E Nail

EOK Quartz Dab Dish Instructions and Tips To Make The Ultimate E Nail

Published by 7th Floor Vaporizers on 5/28/2019

Congratulations on your new EOK Dab Dish purchase!

The new Dab Dish turns your 7th Floor desktop vaporizer into the ultimate connoisseur dabbing tool.  Fully adjustable so you can dial in the perfect heat for your dab.  If you like them cool, fresh low temp. dabs, start out around 9pm on your dial and if you are looking for a heavier harder hitting dab, turn it up to 11 or more!

Quick Step Guide

  2. Remove your old heater cover by pulling and twisting
  3. Make sure your heater is standing tall enough (refer to video)
  4. Add the EOK Dab Dish adapter to your vape
  5. Connect the tubing to the SSV or SUP Dab Dish or connect the tubing to the hose adapter for your DBV.
    1. If you have an issue please watch this video
    2. You can use a lighter to slightly heat up the tubing and then dip the EOK part in water.  This will allow the tubing to expand more easily as well as the water acting as a lubricant.
  6. Attach the quartz EOK Dab Dish to your vaporizer
    1. If you have a DBV now add your hose adapter and secure it with a sick clip
  7. Add your adapter to the end of the hose to connect to a water pipe or dab rig. You can also use only your mouthpiece.
  8. Turn your vape on to about 9pm. Let heat up for about 2 minutes. You can always turn up the heat if you do not get the dab you like.
  9. Watch the video for the ultimate instructions.

Click on the vape video you have to see the EOK instructions for your vape

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