Earn $100 For Reviews


You heard that right! Earn $100 in store credits for leaving us reviews on the products we sell here at Elev8 Glass Gallery Online.  We need your honest opinions on the products you have used so you can help others.  Reviews are a big help to shoppers and that is why we so need your help.  We want this to be the most informative Online Head Shop there is, and it starts here with your help.
Elev8 is a lifestyle!
What do I have to do exactly?
  • Leave 20 reviews on any products you have used or own.
  • You must sign up and make an account or we can not give you the gift certificate.
  • You must leave you full name in the comments or we can not find you.  (ONLY YOUR FIRST NAME AND LAST INITIAL WILL SHOW UP)
  By doing this you are also signing up for our newsletters.  Having you signed up for our newsletters is also very valuable to us and you.  It will allow us to keep in contact with you and let you know of any sales, new products, or function and feature videos that are important to you.  
Whats the catch?
 We know you are not stupid and we do not want to pull anything over you.  We do however have to make a profit to stay in business and bring you all the new dope products that match your Elev8 lifestyle.  So the catch is that you can only use your review certificate for 1/2 your order dollar amount.  So, if you want to use your full $100 referral certificate you will need to make a purchase of $200.  But do not fear, those credits do not go bad!  We have a lot of ideas in the works for people to earn credits by helping us grow.  You can learn more about brand ambassadors at Elev8 Presents.  Another small catch is that your credits can not be applied to shipping.  We have no control over that and since we're a non-Amazon people, we pay A LOT more than they do.  We hope you agree with us, this is an amazing opportunity and the catches are not like we are pulling some big thing over you.  We feel you can leave 20 honest reviews in about 15-20 minutes or so.  That's like earning $300- $400 an hour!  CRAZY!
Earn $5 Review Certificate for each product review you give
--20 reviews is the max to earn $100 in credits 
--You can leave more, we just can not give more credits, but feel free to leave
--as many as you like!

Credits never expire
Review credits can only be used for up to 50% off the purchase price
 --Buy any item for $200, use your Review Certificates and pay only $100
--Buy any item for $100, use your Review Certificates and pay $50, save the 
--other $50 in credits another time

Credits can not be used to pay for shipping
Must create an account and sign up for our newsletter

By continuing you accept the Terms & Conditions and verify you are 18+ years old.

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